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The most critical thing to bear in mind in analyzing the conduct of your cat is that your pet is not a human. Cats are not rational beings and their actions are not based on emotion. Changes in his actions are not stemmed from any introverted anger with you; your cat is not difficult to get revenge on you for being away from home too much or bringing a new baby into the house.

Negative changes in cat conduct are typically cause by stress or concern for the cat. It is easy to see why pet owners tend to conclude that the cat's feelings for them are causing the behavioral differences; it is human character to correlate two unrelated events. In reality, there is a missing link: your actions may cause the cat corporal anxiety, thus the cat's actions alteration is based on physiological changes in his body.

One conventional criticism among cat owners is that their cat has out of the blue selected a new desired place to deposit wastes as a substitute of his litter box. This could be a answer of a few factors.

First, it may be a medicinal problem. Cats are prone to urinary track infections that make it awfully aching to urinate. Cats then ally the pain of urination with the litter box, so they do not like to visit their designated urination station. If your cat has closed using the litter box, your first step ought to be to take him to the vet and have a thorough check-up run on him. Cats also have biological preferences for a number of textures and smells, so if you have a short time ago altered the type of cat litter you use, the cat may be performance that he does not care for the new atmosphere or smell of his litter. In avoiding the litter box, the cat may have be converted into emotionally involved to new textures and locations about your household, conceivably the soft existing room rug or bedroom closet.

The best strategy is not to punish the cat; he will not understand. Rather, have a medical check up, alter litters, and constantly reintroduce the cat to his litter box. Reward him for using it, just like he was a kitten again.

To relieve any apprehension your cat may be feeling, cautiously examine any changes that have occurred in his life as of late. If a new baby or roommate comes into the house, your cat may feel threatened, so be sure to give him extra attention. If you rapidly have to spend more time away from home than normal, care about receiving a be with cat so that your cat does not spend his days alone. Even though the cat is not having emotional reactions, his body feels another due to changes about him.

Be in tune with what may be causing your cat to feel anxious, evaluate the situation, and do the loyal owner duty of relieving his stress.

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