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Five fast facts about the casual king charlies spaniel - pets


Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not cheap. On be an average of you can assume to pay $2,000-$3,000 for one.

However, if you've socked away your "puppy fund" and are allowing for exchange a Arrogant King Charles Spaniel, or "Cav" as enthusiasts call them, there are five clothes you might not know. Beforehand you fall under the spell of the big eyes and floppy ears, a few tips from a Cav owner. . .

1) While Cavs slow down as they age, don't take this as an apology not to walk the dog. They love walks, even although they may seem to sleep most of the time when at home. As your Cav turns seven or eight, conventional walks befall more important, and the application will keep you emotive too.

2) Cavs get knots in their fur more by a long shot than any breed I've ever known with the exclusion of the Maltese--I co-owned one with my grandmother and kept its coat short. Cav coats are biologically short on top, long about the paws, tail, throat, ears, and belly, which is where the tangles appear. They also get trees and grass stuck in their fur, chiefly in the long tail. However, a good rinse in the sink will take care of the grass and leaves. As for the tangles, a Love Glove, free from pet stores, is gentler on the Cav's delicate nerve endings than other dog brushes.

3) Cavs are by a long shot distractible and will chase after rabbits and birds like bloodhounds. Be aware of this now. Invest in agreement exercise from the start. However, they're also excessive at alerting you to noises at night.

4) I call the Cav eyes "hypnotic eyes" for the reason that once they look at you, you reach in a abstraction for a fragment from your plate or for the Beggin' Strips. Instead, go over this song after me: vet bills, vet bills, vet bills. . .

5) Cavs are the most easily hurt dog on the planet. In bed with the flu? Just try and pry that dog away. Sad? Your Cav will lick your tears away. Air a little blue or have the sniffles? The dog will be right by your side. Priceless.

Just refer to this pre-owner's handbook and your Cav will be a loyal, delightful companion for years to come.

Movie reviewer/screenwriter Kristin Johnson is owned by two Cavaliers. She composes made to order poems, speeches, toasts, vows, and children memories. Visit http://www. poemsforyou. com to order your made to order memories. She is also co-author of the Midwest Book Analysis "enthusiastically recommended" pick Christmas Cookies Are For Giving: Stories, Recipes and Tips for Building Gratifying Gifts (ISBN: 0-9723473-9-9). A downloadablemedia kit is accessible at our Web site, http://www. christmascookiesareforgiving. com, or e-mail the publisher (info@tyrpublishing. com) to catch a on paper media kit and experiment copy of the book. More articles obtainable at http://www. bakingchristmascookies. com

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