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Pug puppies make astonishing pets. Pugs are very kind and loyal, and are happy to curl up at your feet. If you're looking for pug puppies for sale, you can be sure of a loving companion. Pug puppies are full of beans with children, they get along well with other household pets an they train quite well. Pug puppies are intelligent, but are also sensitive, so that instruction needs to be done with gentleness.

Pug puppies are assumed to be from China, perchance a relative to Tibetan Mastiffs, brought to Holland first and then to Britain in the 1500's- 1700's. In fact, legend has it that the pug was a award-winning possession of the Emperors of China. They are in general silver and black in color, with a black mask. Movies of pug puppies show the exquisite blend of black all through the silver, exceptionally down their back, which is most characteristic of pug puppies. Black pug puppies and fawn painted ones can be found as well. Pug puppies be in the right place in the 'toy dog' grouping as of their size, budding to be about 10 inches tall and 15 lbs in weight. They in the main need more bring to bear than other small dogs. Pug puppies alter well to existing in an apartment, as long as they're permitted conventional walks exterior for exercise, fresh air and stimulation.

Pug puppies make a noise resembling a pig, and they've been known to snore. Their short crumpled nose and chunky diminutive body make them a very familiar breed. The word "Pug" essentially means "closed fisted" or "clenched fist" and refers to the tightened, drawn in face of a pug, kind of like a congested fist.

Whatever the description, all Pug owners know that these dogs are loyal and true. Pug puppies are small and compact but full of fun and energy.

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