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So, you read everywhere that introducing a new kitten into your home could be great for your obtainable cat, for companionship. And you bear in mind how much fun your cat was when she was a new kitten, and you would love to re-live those days.

It is commonly accepted wisdom that cats boom change for the better with the band of an added feline, in particular cats confined indoors. But ahead of you rush off to your local cat shelter or breeder, here are a few tips to make bringing home a new kitten as stress free as possible.

Choose a time when your home is not too busy and you will have time to allot to your new kitty and your free cat, avoid holidays, for example, or other times when acquaintances and ancestors are expected to visit.

Before bringing home the new kitten, take her to your veterinarian to get her tartan and vaccinated, kittens have weak immune systems and are expected to pick up amazing at the shelter or cattery. Be concerned about adopting a cat of the conflicting sex to your accessible cat, this will avoid same sex enmity and connected problems. For a amount of reasons all your cats must be spayed/neutered.

If feasible array to bath your new kitten at a contacts house ahead of you take it home, this will counterbalance kitty's odor, and go some way to check troubling your cat.

A short isolation dot is de rigueur when introducing a new kitten. It would be ideal to have a break away room for the new kitten, your new diminutive pet will need her own litter box, and food and water bowl. Some kittens will hide out under furniture for some days, more adventurous ones will be eager to explore their new home approximately above-board away. Do not try and force kitty to leave the room, you will know when she is ready.

Allow your new kitten to explore about your home while your older cat is in a new room. Make the introduction, slowly, bit by bit, it is a good idea to let your obtainable cat sniff your new kitten's blanket a few times beforehand they in reality meet. Make the original periods of associate short. In stages amplify the time that they spend as one as they get used to one another. It is not atypical for there to be a few spats in these first meetings, so do not leave them alone at once until they get on. If a fight does break out, distract the combatants and get them into branch out rooms as soon as possible, never punish any cat.

The administer of introducing a new kitten to an older cat, can often be more or less stress free and need not be full of problems. The key is in assembly the establishment slowly, and i don't know the best tip of all is to give your older cat just as much interest and affection as you give the newcomer.

Before you know it you will have two cats that flourish on each others company.

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