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Many cat owners have faith in that their good diminutive kitty would not even dream of going hunting.

After all, their cat is loved and well fed. Why ought to their pet disconcert hunting down birds, mice and other wildlife? If a domestic cat has any admission at all to the external world then it will hunt, no doubt about it, it's all part of being a cat.

Here are some of the myths and old wives tales about cats and hunting.

Pet cats are just too lazy to hunt.

In no way is this true, domestic cats may sleep away two thirds of their day but they are shallow sleepers and alert to all sound, and movements, that take place about them. Cats are deliberate to use high levels of energy in moderately short bursts, and then rest to recuperate.

A cat that is well fed will not hunt.

This is cleanly untrue. A cat will hunt whether it is hungry or not, hunting is an inborn need inside your cat. The fact is a well fed and fit cat is more liable to be an helpful huntsman of prey, than an ill fed feral cat.

Cats that have been declawed will not hunt.

This is a misconception. A cat that has been deprived of its claws will use its front legs to give a paralyzing blow to its prey, and then, as any cat does, use its athletic jaws and needle sharp teeth to bite its victims neck. Declawing a cat for this basis would be inane - in any event declawing is a cruel and excessive process.

Domestic cats desire hunting mice to hunting birds.

Cats are opportunistic hunters and in urban areas where rodent populations are kept under control, the most bounteous bring of prey is birds. In countryside areas some studies have shown that birds make up only twenty percent of a domestic cats prey. You may see cats infectious more birds than mice, voles and rats, this is since the birds are prey that is obtainable at some point in the daytime, rodents are commonly immovable at night.

Kittens must be shown how to hunt by their mother.

Only moderately true. Kittens are born with a biological hunting instinct, but if the nurse cat is on hand to teach her kittens the de rigueur skills, they will be able to befit more capable hunters.

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Larry Chamberlain is a all-time lover of cats and lives in London England. He is the webmaster and owner of http://www. best-cat-art. com. If you have a pet allied web site and you wish to copy the above clause you are acceptable to do so, provided the condition is reproduced in its entirety, as well as this store box and live link to http://www. best-cat-art. com.


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