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Boxer Dogs In a row - What Are Boxer Dogs?

Boxer dogs are great all about dog breeds, distinguished
canine and the coolest, most affable dog out there!
Boxer Dogs are medium-built and beefy breed that are
so named for the reason that of its habit of continuance on the hind legs
to begin a fight and boxing with the front paws.

By nature, Boxer dogs are effective dogs. All over
history it has been qualified as:

- hunting dog
- control dog
- seeing-eye dog for the blind
- guard dog
- festival dog
- courier dog on the battlefields at some point in World War
I and World War II
- fighting dog in the once accepted sport of dog fighting.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into
7 groups of herding, hound, non-sporting, sporting,
terrier, toy and working. And the biggest breed registered
in the functioning dog kind is the Boxer.

No doubt the Boxer Dogs make for great effectiveness dog but
the furthermost improvement to owning one is that Boxer Dogs
can be your most outstanding companion on four legs
and great find of not public fulfillment.

By the way, the AKC registered over 150 assorted breeds
totaling almost one million dogs in 2003. To put that in
perspective, the brute shelters in America rescue up to
12 million dispossessed dogs and cats every year and 25%
of these are purebreds.

Devoted and glad owners of Boxer Dogs have come up
with a long list of attributes and character of their desired
pet that include:

Boundless energy
Canine clown
Devil dog
Family dog
Hearing dog
Highly trainable
Keen judge of character
Patient with children
People dog
Poor swimmer
Quick learner
Working dog
Wonderful pet

And you can add to the list?

The Boxer Dog's annals could be traced back to
feudal Germany, where it was a small hunting dog that
could obstinately hold onto a bull, boar, or bear till
the master arrived. It was also a benefit dog for peasants
and shop owners, and even a the stage dog in circus.

The Boxer Dogs as we know it today is a larger breed -
a mixture of the German Boxer with a taller, more
elegant English import. The era of this avant-garde Boxer
began in the 1880s and became exceedingly common in the
United States in the late 1930s-1940s.

Handsome dog: In the canine world, Boxer Dogs
are medium-sized dog continuance at 21 to 25 inches at
the shoulder for a full-grown female, and weighs some
50 to 65 pounds. The male can be taller and 15 pounds

It has a conspicuous good look with chiseled head, balance
jaw and muscled body that make for a very attractive

The ears are cropped and erect that enhance its earshot -
the Boxer most urban sense. It is constantly alert and
vigilant, an inherent guard dog.

The shortened hush makes hot and humid come through
uncomfortable for the Boxer Dogs.

The coat is short, hard and smooth, and possesses
a artless sheen that can be enhanced with rubdowns
with a chamois cloth (especially after a bath).

The short coat cannot care for him well from excessive
elements of the come through and thus Boxer Dogs must
definitely not be kept outdoors. It is a housedog,
sensitive to high temperature extremes, does not enjoy
the draft, summer heat or cold.

Boxer Dogs come in charismatic basic insignia of fawn
and brindle. The fawn varies from a tawny tan to
an in particular delightful stag red. The brindle (clearly
defined black stripes on a fawn background) can be
sparse, in among or dense.

A beauty average for Boxer Dogs is that their white
markings or "flash" must add to their look and may
not cover more than one-third of the complete body. Some
predominantly or all-white puppies (known as "check")
may be born in a litter.

In the US, however, the American Boxer Club members
are pledged not to register, sell or use these "whites"
for breeding so as to hang on to the beauty of the true fawn
and brindle ensign in the breed.

Personality-wise, Boxer is a cool dog that will not bark
without cause. Its demonstrating face - the crumpled
forehead and dark, expressive eyes - is a charming condition
that sets the Boxer apart from other breeds.

It can mimic the moods of its master and adopting one
could bring you 9 to 11 years of ecstatic companionship.
In exceptional cases the Boxer can live up to 15 years.

Boxer Dogs As Pet

Pet Boxer Dogs, though low-maintenance, call for
your even attention, exercise, human interaction,
consistent deference education and lots of love. You
cannot leave them to their own aim for too long or
they get lonely, bored and into trouble.

Being a big and brawny dog as well as a abundantly
intelligent one, Boxer Dogs need both bodily and
mental stimulations to keep them even-tempered and
dignified while still maintenance their elfin character and
fearless courage in tact.

All the best!!!

Warm regards,

Bryan Kinnear
A Boxer Dog Lover.

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