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Your dog is a communal being, just like you! He/she loves on foot in the park with you, in performance ball or chase with you, and just being with you. Even when he/she's lying about the house or the plot having a snooze, your dog is well aware of your presence, or absence, and appreciates every detailed you spend with him/her. If you have a family, your dog loves being part of your category and no doubt has a elite affiliation with most, if not all, of the ancestors members.

I have a Rottweiler, Kara, and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Jet. They're both female and both just bowed 9 years. I've had them since they were puppies, and they're absolutely members of my family. I love them to bits and would be lost not including them.

I'll bet your dog is much like mine when it comes to interacting with you.

I know my dogs are constantly beside themselves with joy and excitement every time I come home - anyway of whether I've been away for a week, or just popped out for 10 minutes! What human gets that excited to see you? No one? I brain wave so. I don't know any human who's even half that happy to see me.

Kara often stands and wags her tail when I walk past her in the house or when I talk to her. And Jet doesn't move from her comfortable attitude lying down. But her tail thumps up and down on the floor. Just goes to show that every dog has his/her own inimitable personality. Just like us.

And my dogs just love being let in from outside. They bear in mind their place is in the house - just like the human members of the household!

And why not? Dogs exceedingly can be a man's (or a woman's or a child's) best friend. They not often ask for anything. So long as you feed them regularly, and show them some love and attention, they're happy. And a happy dog is the first step to a beneficial dog. (Don't get me wrong, dogs don't have to be permissible in the house to be happy - mind you, my dogs would like me to accept as true that this is the case!)

Consistency when production with your dog is very important. And I'm discussion here about both the opening teaching/training of your dog, and also the fortification of those knowledge all through your dog's life.

It's basic for your dog's wellbeing for you to be dependable when disciplining, in performance with and just easily expenses time with, your dog. But it's also crucial for other members of the household (and even go to regularly visitors) to treat your dog in a analogous approach where possible. This is chiefly so if your dog has any badly behaved behaviours, such as jumping up at people. If you don't also ask your children and your visitors to make it clear to your dog that this is unacceptable, your dog is doubtful to curb the jumping altogether. And this may austerely be responsible for the problem.

Dogs who encounter constancy tend to be beat behaved dogs, and, guess what? You guessed it - beat behaved dogs are happier dogs, and happier dogs are improved dogs!

So you know what to do - love your dog, spend class time with your dog, and make sure you're consistent.

About The Author

(c) Brigitte Smith, Beneficial Happy Dogs, 2004

Brigitte Smith is a dog lover and owns 2 dogs - a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Brigitte has a elite activity in civilizing the healthiness and perhaps extending the life of your dog.

You can subscribe to the Fit Happy Dogs ezine - for free tips, information, strategies and capital for a recovered happier dog - at: http://www. HealthyHappyDogs. com; Brigitte@HealthyHappyDogs. com


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