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One of the maximum thrills for a hardly boy or girl is having new puppies in the home. Puppies, dogs and having a puppy bring a sense of well being and comfort to citizens of all ages, whether young or old. They give an admirable chance for family to learn the skills compulsory in raising and caring for a new born animal. We all know that one day even a cute hardly puppy will grow into a large, mature dog. Yet, while they're young, with that soft fur and large clumsy feet, puppies have a way of engaging themselves to us.

Puppies, dogs and owning a puppy make admirable companions.

Whether a anyone is young or old, puppies, dogs make brilliant companions and friends. It's not so much what a puppy can do as it is how they answer to us. Puppies are excited and anxious to see us when we come home; the twist so much on a kitchen floor that they as good as fall down. And when you leave, oh the sad face they make accepted wisdom that you're going to leave them all alone. Yes, we all know that one day even small puppies grow into dogs; but as a pet and associate no companion can match the joy and adventure of puppies.

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