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Why paint your cat? After all cats are charming creatures if you want to be conscious of the arrival of a feline, you look at the cat not at a painting.

Some of the reasons that you may want to paint your cat are:

To capture your pet at a actual age, in a detail pose, in a distinct place. To have a eternal reminder of your companion when she has moved on to catlike afterlife. To give as a gift to a fellow cat lover.

So you appear how hard can it be to turn out a enjoyable impression of your moggy? You are no Van Gough, but you know how to code name a paint brush. You have all the equipment that you need in order to paint your cat, the paints, brushes, stuff for cleaning, you even have a home made easel. Boy, it sure is going to be fun to paint your cat.

There she is, arched up having a lie-down by the window, a look of cat ease upon her face and the sunlight benevolent her coat an extra gloss. What a magnificent painting of your cat you are going to produce. Inaudibly you set all up, you have your image propped on your easel and your paintbrush in hand. You turn to face your subject, and. . .

She's gone. Your a small amount dear had been in a haze in that spot for most of the crack of dawn and now that you are ready to churn out your masterpiece, she decides that everyplace else is where she needs to be! Well, she is not going to get away with it, you have certain to paint your cat, and that is just what you are going to do.

You exploration for her. In due course you find your catlike area under discussion siting at the top of the stairs exclusive of a care in the world. Scooping her up, you carry her back to the bathed in light display so she may cooperate with you and resume her pose. But cats don't cooperate. She paces up and down, and you know that the only thing stopping her from building a bolt is the fact that you are betwixt her and the door. The fact that you want to paint your cat is of no importance, the only thing that is of any alarm to your cat is what she wants!

You bear in mind for a flash the odds of restraining her, like Guliver lashed to the argument by the barely people. No chance, no attempt whatsoever. So what to do? Of all the creatures on this earth the cat is the last one to be told what to do.

You conclude that the only thing that you can do to paint your cat, is to fail to remember about producing a comprehensive defined painting. You will paint your feelings about your cat. This will not be a long drawn out process, get it on the canvass, let your involuntary connect the essence of the feline! Looking at your cat and not your canvass, you start to paint. Hastily you slash with your brush, you don't worry about the ensign that you use corresponding accurately to those of you cat, it is the feelings that they act for that is important.

Meanwhile, your cat looks on bemused.

At last you are finished. Time to inspect your art work, you turn and look and your jaw drops. Well it could be some kind of animal, those lines in purple do seem to characterize a tail. And that is an eye, no blooper about that, but anything eye it is, it's not your cat's eye!

Ah well! At least you tried to paint your cat. Don't think of it as a failure, after all you did churn out something, and who knows, your cat at least, may have enjoyed the experience! Meanwhile, your cat has resumed its absolute pose, fast asleep by the window.

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Larry Chamberlain is a lasting cat lover and webmaster of http://www. best-cat-art. com - Cat art posters, art prints, cat calendars and cat collectibles. Great cat gifts for physically or your cat loving friends; Larry@best-cat-art. com


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