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Can cats and dogs live at once devoid of constantly being at war? It seems that they very often can.

We often hear associates claim to be a "cat person" or a "dog person", but browsing by means of the a number of pet forums it appears that there are many of us that just as like both cats and dogs.

My son has a delightful Border Collie who was the only pet of the house until she was five years old. Then three part Burmese kittens were brought into the family. Mollie the Collie and the kittens were introduced to each other slowly, and Mollie was skilled that the kittens were not to be harassed. Artlessly she was given extra doses of interest and affection, just to show her that the kittens were an add-on to the family, and not a substitute for her.

As the kittens grew they soon cultured to dominate the dog, after all they are felines and a canine must know its place, anyway there are three of them. Often when Mollie is snoozing, or just reclining disturbing out, one of the cats will just walk right over her, forgoing the facts of under your own steam about the dog. Mollie gives the brand that this activities does not anxiety her, but at times a diminutive sigh of anger is heard. On the odd occasion do the cats take any appeal in what is in the dog bowl, Mollie on the other hand, will quite often take a sniff of the cats lunch, and if one of the cats is close by it will give a admonition hiss.

I don't think that it can be said that the cats and Mollie are great friends, they never arrive to play together. They live all together in a state of tolerance, considerably than friendship, but the connection works OK, my son's house is free of cat and dog fights.

But from comprehension the posts on the pet forums, many colonize article that their cat and dog are the best of buddies.

A lady writes that her Boxer and tabby curl up as one on the sofa. An added post from an elderly gentleman information that his Persian often hitches a ride on the back of his Labrador cross. There are many posts about cats and dogs being taken for walks together, stories of felines and canines being agreed inseparable, even balance sheet of dogs longing for cats that have approved away.

All this does not imply that any old cat and dog can be fearful as one and get on like a house on fire. Some dog breeds are dodgy to put up with division their home with a cat. Hounds and hunting dogs, for case in point may not be a wise choice. Also not all breeds of cat are affable an adequate amount to live with a different species of animal.

When introducing cats and dogs to each other do it at a snail's pace and make sure that you are in control. Never leave your pets not including supervision while they are education to get along with each other. Feeding your cat and dog in break free places, and at break free times is doubtless best until they are used to one another.

Remember that two or more dogs are expected to have a pack instinct, and could see a new kitten as prey. If yours is a multi-dog household and you are accumulation a cat to your pet family, make the inauguration one dog at a time. Bear in mind also that it is not only dogs that can hurt cats, frightened cats can inflict nasty scratches to interested puppies and dogs, and a abandon on the puppy's eyes could be serious.

So can cats and dogs live all together as friends? Yes, they can, it may take patience and determination on your part, but the answer will be worth it

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