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Is A Boxer Right For You?

Country of Origin: Germany
First Registered: 1904
Colors: Fawn, brindle with white markings
Coat Type: Short, glossy and charming
Height: 21 - 25 inches
Weight: 66 - 70 lbs.
Life Span: 10 - 12 Years
Average Litter Size: 5 - 10
Health Concerns:. May have tribulations with heart murmurs, skin tumors, digestive tribulations and hypothyroidism
Temperament: good-natured, affectionate, sociable, headstrong, high-energy

Active, playful, loyal, breed oriented, are just a few of the characteristics of the boxer. A breed full of love for associates and a zest for life, the boxer can be an ideal children dog. The boxer is different any other breed. Often discribed as the "clown," of the dog cummunity, boxers are a class all their own. . Those who own boxers can be evidence of to their exclusive characteristics.

With their lean burly builds, charming coats, and adjust stance, the boxer is truly an impressive looking animal. Being a functioning class breed, the boxer domonstrates an inherent willinness to please, while at the same time viewing an alertness, caution and courage in the face of the unknown.

However, the boxer is NOT for everyone. Being a breed of high-energy, they call for a lot of love, and even more patience.

So, if you are bearing in mind owning a boxer, web-rover. com offers some in a row on this brilliant breed.


Originally breed in Germany, it is have faith in that the boxer is of Brabanter Bullenbessier descent. The Bullenbeisser was used by the elite to hunt wild boar in and about the 1800's In order to check injury at some stage in the hunt, the ears were cropped.

As time conceded the the Barbanter Bullenbeisser was used by cattle dealers, and by the end of the 1800's was officially acknowledged as a functioning class dog. As well as being celebrated for being an able functioning dog, the Barbanter Bullenbessier was acclaimed as an brilliant companion dog who was continually eager to desire humans. . When not working, the breed was known to be an first-rate ancestors pet, who was great with childern.

It is said that about 1830, the Babnanter Bullenbeisser was bred with an early breed of the English Bulldog, and thus, the boxer was born.

In the early days of the breed, many changes took place. Many older cinema show boxers as being white. It is assumed that white boxers were no longer customary for the reason that in order to be law dogs, a darker coat was needed. Therefore, the Boxer Klub of Germany set the breed average to no longer allow white boxers. To this day, there is still huge consideration over white boxers.

Typical Boxer Characteristics

- The boxer is an exceedingly high-energy dog. As a result, they need a great deal of awareness and supervisoin.

- The boxer is an clever dog. As be supposed to be with all dogs, the boxer needs agreement instruction on a common basis initial from a young pup. Being a clear active breed, they will find many ways to get in to anxiety if not by the book educated and watched.

- Boxers are typically great with childern. If accurately socialized from a pup, the boxer makes an ideal playmate.

The boxer is a actual guardian. All the time alert, the boxer is on continual guard. Customarily weary of strangers, and constantly caring of their people.

- The boxer temmperment is "fundemntally playful," but if threadted will ceremony unwaverying courage. .

Here are some "other" Characteristics of the boxer that you most likey wont find in any dog book

laying on back, feet up, not a care!

GAS. . . bad gass

Kidney Beans (the boxer dance)

Boxer Woo Woo Song

Catching bugs

Using paws in cat like movements

Zipping about the plot for no evident reason.

Bounces like a rabbit when in a row at times

The "woo woo" song

Lay their head on you like it is too heavy to hold up!

Constatnly subsequent their humans whereever they go.

So is a boxer right for you?

The boxer is an friendly loyal dog, that if treated with love and acknowledge can be a astonishing accumulation to any household. Yet the boxer is also a a dog with very high energy, who will need close compliance and even more patience. . The key is to appropriately hang out and train your dog from a young age. By doing so, you and your dog will both enjoy your time all together more more.

So If you are looking for a dog who will lay at your feet, only occasionaly heartbreaking to eat, or keeps to himself and requires diminutive attention,then maybe a boxer isn't faithfully what you need. But If you want a dog who is full of life and a continuous font of entertainment then maybe a boxer is closely what you need.

For more great info on the boxer, visit web-rover. com and check out the boxer forum

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