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*understanding* - the first of the 6 keys to house a life long association with your horse - pets


Yesterday we talked a a small amount about the 6 Keys for a Life Long Alliance with your horse, today I would like to visit with you about the first key, *Understanding. *

Have you ever wondered why your horse acts like he does how he thinks and moves? If so, then you need to understand the prey-predator relationship, but before we start it's crucial that you understand, if your going to efficiently be in touch with cattle you need to *think like horses*. You need to look at and approach everything from the *horse's point of view*.

If you absorb that cattle are prey animals and that *horses perceive associates as predators* and achieve that each thinks differently, you can begin to appreciate how your horse thinks, acts and moves, and why you react the way you do. Understand, Both the horse and human are simply allowing for all factors then adjusting to the situation.

If you be au fait with that livestock are Prey animals by nature, are involuntary to be cowards and are herd fear-flight animals, in other words when they perceive likelihood they run and carry on in succession until they feel they have escaped the danger, then you can begin to arise a deeper apreciation of why your horse acts, thinks and moves like he does.

To livestock we *humans* look and smell like *predators*. If your going to commune with your horse in an effective behavior then it's crucial to prove to your horse that you are not a predator. You need to understand what type of actions you need to show if you are to get a a few conduct from your horse.

Once the horse accepts that you are not as bad as you seem and you are not a marauder he becomes gentle, in other words he no longer perceives you to be dangerous.

In a herd of livestock there is all the time a pecking order and once your horse decides that you are not a chance to him he will put you in a pecking order to fit into his world (remember all of this is about the horse his world and perceptions not yours) you will be to be found higher or lower depending on accept and authority.

*Remember the horse is a prey bodily and is alleged to act the way he does. ** It's your task to help him act less like a prey bodily and more like a partner. To accomplish this you need your horse to be easily hurt or aware of your cues and consultation moderately than danger.

You need to turn his getaway from fear effect into forward gesticulate or impulsion. You have to work at getting him to want to be with you, to take the herd instinct and turn it into bonding with you.

The concepts you and I have discussed today are much easier said than done. Why, since cattle and humans think in your own way and this is often a font of conflict.

Let's wrap up what we have discussed today. You will gain acknowledge from our horse if you endorse your responsibilities which are: Not act like a predator, be where you need to be emotionally when communicating with our horse, to think like a horse and not a human and focus on where you are headed and what you want to do, if you do your horse will sense this, accept you and be a consequence you as the leader.

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In the next condition we will chat about Mind Set; Your Attitude= How you communicate. Being assertive vs. aggressive and being evenhanded. Your mind-set (attitude) affects the mind-set (attitude) of your horse.

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Mike Gorzalka has spent the advance part of his life around horses. His dad, Mike Sr. , qualified him the importance of agreement the horse and how to use a firm, but kinder and gentler attempt to selection horses understand what it is we humans are demanding to communicate.


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