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How i get more instruction done on my cattle in 1/2 the time - pets


Here's a clear-cut way. . . to help your horse learn twice as fast.

We are all hard-pressed for time, seems there is just not enough of it. There is the job, ancestors duties, maybe social events, all competing for our time. Our horse is unnoticed and we end up with a 10 year old "greenbroke" horse, which can mean everything from they buck or, spook sometimes, to they still need to be gee-hawed to go left, or right. They may still be difficult to amount out go and whoa. Well I have found some easy ways to amplify the outcome I get when exercise horses, you can do the same if you will try.

Tip #1 - Rub you horse all over

You must be able to rub your horse from one end to the other, neither end is more chief than the other. You should, be able to alias the mouth and ears as well a rubbing under the tail, start stroking with the hair on each side of the tail. When the horse unclamps the tail and raises it, you can then rub under the tail.

You must be able to do this or you may have to go back and redo the instruction later, like I did. I had a paint stallion in for guidance and he before now had four months put on him by an other trainer, but he still was spooky and not a nice ride at all. I noticed that he did not like his ears touched but I was annoying to hurry and moved on. Three weeks later he threw himself over backwards while being bridled. You beat have faith in I spent about three days on ears 101, then bang he got it and changed, was one laid-back easygoing pussycat from then on.

Be smart and learn to rub your horse, rub don't pat or slap them, that is not gentle to them. What would you like a back rub or a back slapping?

Tip #2 - Stop punishment when sought after deeds occurs.

Whoa! you say, what's this punishment talk? Well I would like you to appreciate there are a horde of clothes we do to a horse that are "punishment" in the domestic animals mind, maybe not your mind, but categorically in the cattle mind.

Here is a barely list of punishments according to the horse:

1. pulling on a rein
2. using a spur
3. using a quirt or whip
4. using a stud chain

Do I want you to quit using the above? No, just stop using them when the horse does everything close to what you want. Let me give you some examples;

You pull the left rein to turn your horse left, the second he starts left quit pulling, if you want to turn left more ask again, as many times as you need to but reward the horse for the try.

You put your spur alongside your horse to move over, when he moves the slightest quantity take that spur out of there, do it again if you have to, but reward that try and soon you won't even need to wear those spurs as the horse will move off your leg, for the reason that you reward that try.

Tip #3 - Reward your horse for the right behavior.

Now you can care about the end of punishment as a reward, and that is true, but the term reward will be used to mean charitable a touch extra to the horse for difficult to do the "right" thing. If you can find a way to reward the try in the horse, you will have your dream horse, that partner you sought or some of you maybe had as a kid. Kids can be givers easier than adults, my grandson gave me a kiss today, my brother never did, as he was about an adult when I was born. Learn to be a kid again, reward your horse with:

some grain

a calming voice

a rub on the neck

a drink of clean cool water

a handful of grass

a advanced horse treat

a chunk of carrot

a slice of apple

getting off his back

The list is about endless, the trick is to give the reward at the right time for the right behavior. quit guidance at the good spots

If you will take the time to be a consequence these tips, you can double the size of your horse education toolbox. You probably previously know the punishment side of instruction use it right and add the reward side to alter ego your training results.

Put your ego aside, be a giver to your horse and they will give back to you in ways you can only imagine.

Dale Anderson

http://www. breeds-of-horses. com

dale@breeds-of-horses. com; 360-398-1261


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