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Here are 5 clothes to do to put the odds of in receipt of a good horse in your favor.

Let me share a short story with you about communal horse auctions and my ally Jack.

I'll show you how to buy a horse at sale so you won't get burned. Jack, an old time horse agent and I use to travel to horse public sale all over the state. I'd just watch Jack and maybe later ask my questions.

Jack was as a rule appealing congested mouthed, but he let me in on his secrets to exchange good farm animals at auctions.

#1 Come at the sale real early like 3 hours or more before the dutch auction starts.

You want to be there as the farm animals arrive, so you can see who brings them and how they unload and walk to their pen.

Who brings the horse? A horse trader, concealed party, woman, man, kid, also how many domestic animals did they bring? You need to know this so you have a clue as to who you will maybe be buying from and who to talk to about the horse ahead of you bid.

#2 If you see a horse you like the looks of, go to the horses land pen.

Watch the horse and how he moves. If the horse is tied up in the pen this could mean anxiety as the horse owner might not want you to see the horse move. Check the horse for blemishes and soundness, make sure the legs are clean and the hooves are good for you and maintained, there ought to not be any limping or signs of lameness.

I do not like scars, divots or bumps on the head and neck, This shows the horse has been in a wreck of some kind, which could mean the horse is prone to panic, I've been stuck with a connect of panic prone livestock and they did hurt me. If you don't know about lame livestock and what to watch out for, take someone with you who does or don't bid.

Now the horse ought to show signs of life maybe be a little bit excited, what with all the other livestock and the new surroundings, if not you could be looking at a drugged horse.

#3 Talk to the being that brought the horse

you know this character since you seen them arrive. Make sure they are the owner of the horse, if not who are they? The average stories are:

It's my neighbors horse, this often means it is my horse but I am not going to admit it to you, as I don't want to be held accountable for the lies I'm about to tell you.

Or I'm a dealer annoying to pass off this horse as a good old horse so gentle to ride, the national kid rode bareback on the road when in certainty it's a dink horse that he can't sell off his trading string.

Jack use to burden up to the being who brought the horse and faintly ask; say can you tell me a hardly bit about your horse? ( then he SHUT UP! ). They would tell all the nice things about the horse and Jack would just look at the horse, not adage a word. After they got because of the string of lies or half truths, they would start being paid nervous because it was so quite they belief they had to amble on some more and that's when a bit more of the truth starts to show up, yeah old Barley don't buck apart from that one time when he broke my collar bone opps. . .

#4 Be a consequence the horse from the pen to the sale ring

Jack use to walk right into the sale ring with the horse and watch it move in the ring too. The other gain is you can see who is bidding. The owner or a celebrity with them may be consecutively up the bid, you know this as you seen them arrive right?

Now you may not be able to get in the ring but you can stand next to it so you can see the horse and the crowd too. Most owners try too hard to get their horse to ride well in the ring which is by and large too small to work a horse in anyhow so you get to see how the horse responds under pressure. Watch for rearing, head tossing, humping up or crow hopping, usually the small size of the ring prevents them from bucking.

#5 If you still like the horse bid on it.

How much? Jack would only pay about $15 to $20 above killer price. How much is that? You need to snoop about before the sale and ask the dealers or auctioneer, I've seen it range from 15 cents to 1 money a pound, so that could mean from $150 to $1000 for a 1000 pound riding horse.

Jack was comfortable paying that price as he would take the horse home, try them out, if there was a conundrum he would run them all the way through the next mart and not get hurt too bad, out $20 at most.

This works good if you, your wife, or kids don't fall in love with old Barley, Jack use to say if you don't send them right back to the auction. you end up with a field full of cripples and buckers.

You can get a nice horse at a rock bed price following this method. My come into contact with has been that I can get older well qualified farm animals that associates are bailing out on because the kids all left home and they don't want to feed the horse any more, or they just were flash in the pan horsemen and need the money for a quad runner.

I have also bought young unbroke domestic animals that citizens do not have the skill to train, if you think you want a go at that, make sure you have a checkup plan and go for it.

I do not pay top cash for exceptional livestock at auctions because, again come into contact with has qualified me there are no exceptional horse at these auctions, if you think there are some there, look close as there is customarily a hole in them somewhere.

Now put this plan into accomplishment and you will find a nice horse that you can use and even make a profit on if you so choose at some time in the future, just do all the steps and you will get the booming results.

Dale Anderson

http://www. breeds-of-horses. com

dale@breeds-of-horses. com; 360-398-1261


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