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I have a commerce card burning a hole in my Rolodex. It's from an bodily communicator. A big name who allegedly interprets mental films from animals. I love my dog dearly. He communicates with very dramatic eyes and I don't seem to have much trouble" getting" him. But for the reason that I'm so fond of to him I've been toying with the idea of going that step additional to find out what's certainly in his mind. So why don't I?

Well. Some givens going into the situation. What goes on in dog's heads is chief to them. They're not possible to give you a tip on the fifth at Santa Anita. They think about food, toys, other dogs. And though I'm not quite sure how the deal with works I don't think it's like Karnak the Performer where you can ask questions.

But back to why I don't just call the add up to and set up an appointment.

Maybe I'm not sure I want to know what my dog thinks of me or what goes on in his head. After all he is privy to all our secrets.

I once read a story, allegedly true, about a cat that peed on his owner's bed every Sunday dawn and at no other time. His mommy called in an brute conversationalist who asked the cat why he peed on the bed every Sunday. The cat replied that when mommy left the house to go to Minster some other woman came in with her partner and they both booted him out of the bedroom. So he took a leak just to screw with them.

This may be an urban legend like the poodle in the microwave. But it sure makes you think twice about beast ESP.

I astonishment what my boy would say about us to total strangers.

" My mommy drinks wine from time to time and gets sad when daddy goes out? Daddy looks at cinema of naked ladies on the Internet when mommy goes to yoga class. They watch way too much TV. It hurts my ears".

And how do they say anything? Do they use words? How can they say they like peanut butter if they don't know that peanut butter is called peanut butter. To them it's a pill conveyance product.

I know that my dog adores me. I accept as true it's unconditional. But what if I found out that what he was exceedingly idea as he was jumping up at me as I came all through the door was "You jerk, you left me alone for five hours and I've got to pee like a racehorse. " A small amount although he is he has the heart of a lion if he thinks I'm being threatened. But what if what he certainly felt was "I can't have faith in I've got to step up AGAIN to get among you and this weird looking bum. Don't you know change for the better than to open the door to just anyone!"

I've been racking my brain demanding to think of some human assistance from the inadequate sum of interspecies consultation we've had so far. We were able to train dolphins to mine harbors so I guess you could say that that remuneration us. But weren't some of them blown up in the process? So, not so good for them. What about poor KoKo. Have we treated gorillas any advance since we bare they could come across respect and sadness?

Ultimately, what it may come down to is that I love my dog, and all animals, correctly since I can't connect with him in any kind of human way. I don't need to analyze with him; make a case; argue him; or be critiqued on my wardrobe. I tell him what I want him to do and at times he in fact does it. He tells me what he needs and he gets it. We have a beautiful good system. If it ain't broke why fix it?

Mary Rosendale is the proud mama of Wally Barker. See his guidance article on her blog http://theconstructedlife. blogs. com/clear_and_present When she's not tending to his every need she is a Holistic Life Coach with a inimitable Lessons ceremony deep-seated in Buddhist psychology. Visit her on the web at http://www. TheConstructedlife. com If you can't play - what's the point?


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