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For a cat, scratching is a natural, compulsory act. Anyway custody her claws in top shape, the stretching complex in a good abrasion keeps her upper body brawny and loose. Also, every time a cat scratches a surface, scent glands amid her toes leave her signature smell for others to find. In this way, she marks her territory, even if that happens to be in your active room.

Just since a cat must cut doesn't mean she must annihilate your furniture. Redirecting a cat's scratching to an apt balk cleanly requires patience, flexibiity and time. To keep your cat from grooming her claws on your couch, you must give her some furniture of her own.

Scratching posts come in a wide category of sizes and textures. If your cat doesn't use the scratching post you have purchased, comment what she does scratch. Most cats have a first choice as to the quality they cut on. Experts depress if carpet-covered posts, exceptionally if you have floor covering in your house. Your cat won't appreciate the discrepancy concerning the carpet on the scratching post and that on the floor. They both feel good to her.

Some cats like to continue their intact bodies when they stretch to scratch. Others just work their shoulder muscles. If your cat is one of the former, you'll need to afford a tall, brawny scratching surface. No affair what height your cat likes to use, be sure the scratching appear is stable. If your cat begins scratching and the post or board falls, it will frighten her and she will possible not use it again.

Another chief feature to believe when as long as scratching surfaces is their location. If you watch your cat, you'll advertisement she will tend to look for a scratching spot where you spend a lot of time. That is why so many cats ruin their owner's easy chair or couch. She is marking your spot as part of her territory, claiming ownership over you just in case some other cat comes in and gets the wrong idea. Putting a scratching post beside your darling relaxing place will let her do her job devoid of bothersome you.

Remember, too, that your full home is her territory. For that reason, it is a good idea to place scratching surfaces all over the house, in chairs where you tend to linger. Bedrooms, kitchens, home offices are all chairs that are chief to your cat for the reason that that is where you are expected to be.

If your cat persists in scratching furniture as a substitute of the correct surface, you will have to retrain her. When you catch her about to cut inappropriately, say "no" in a loud voice. Pick her up and carry her to her scratching surface. Some experts advocate gently captivating her paw and simulating scratching to give her the right idea. If your cat only attacks the furniture when you are out of sight, it might be best to confine her to one room when you can't supervise her. Be sure to put food, water, a litter box and, of course, a scratching appear in the room with her. Once she seems to have gotten the hang of only using her scratching posts, she can have free run of the house again.

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