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How to toilet train your cat - pets


Tired of cleaning the cat box? Here are some tips on how to train your cat to use the toilet.

So, you're sick and tired of scooping poo from your cat's litter box, emptying the left behind mess, and gagging from the whole process. Cat's can be educated to use a toilet. It is safe, clean, and effective. Some cats learn in a duo of weeks, while others will take up to six weeks to get the message.

But numerous effects must be painstaking first.

What kind of cat being are you?

If you are mediocre to your cat, and bear in mind it as a reluctant basic it is distrustful you have the patience and adequate love to go all through the rigorous toilet guidance process. However, if you perceive your cat to be an complete affiliate of the family, a crucial part of your happiness, you have what it takes.

There are many types of cats. Is your cat a closely out-of-doors feline? Is she a farm-cat, your husband's or wife's cat, your kids' cat? If so, then there is barely point in toilet guidance it. She prefers doing her big business in your flower garden, on the neighbor's lawn, or in the dirt. Cats are broadly into their preferences being the all-embracing creatures they are.

However, if your cat lives in the house and her happiness lies with being with her human family, acts as if she owns the place, and the motor runs at the top of your voice when petted and loved, you are ahead of the game.

Toilet Instruction Step by Step

Okay?now you've certain to toilet train your cat. Let's get on with the affair of how to do that.

The younger your Muffy or Scooter is, the easier it is to train it. How bizarre is your cat about the toilet? Does she often go in the bathroom and wander about the toilet? Does she every so often play in the water? The younger the cat, the easier it will be to amend its behaviors. Education a thirteen pound cat that is five years old will not lead to success. The younger the feline, the easier it will be.

Place a cat teacher liner under the toilet seat. These can be purchases at any good pet store, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, etc. Place some cat litter on the liner. Your kitty will liable play in it for awhile, but that is okay. She will come to apprehend that this is her new litter box. When she goes on the litter, praise her, and give her a kitty treat as a reward. Clean the litter so she comes to be expecting a clean place every time. When she's done her affair on the liner numerous times, cut a hole in the liner so the waste goes into the toilet. She will get used to the noise this makes. Add a a small amount less litter to the liner about once a week, and make the hole superior each time. Do this step until your cat goes on the seat on its own and comfortably.

Next, get a child toilet instruction seat and put it on the toilet. Putting a big of litter on the seat will make your kitty feel more comfortable at first. Since cats have a need to abandon a bit when they potty, this will help her.

After numerous weeks of going by means of this last process, your cat will feel comfortable jumping on the toilet seat, doing her thing, and jumping off to go about her next item of business. The whole administer will take a number of weeks, and you will have to flush for her.

Give your tabby a treat and praise her every time she uses the toilet.

But flushing after your kitty is a small price to pay for being paid rid of that obnoxious litter box that makes you want to hurl every time you clean it.


There are also self cleaning litter boxes, and even a flushable kitty toilet on the market. Here's some links to find out more. They can be expensive, but a good another if you don't want to take the time and energy to toilet train your cat.

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