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When selecting the best dry food for your dog, why is it change for the better to go with the chicken meal than the pure chicken? Chicken meal is cleanly chicken that has been baked to delete bacteria and other toxins. Chicken is basically pure chicken.

What associates dont know about chicken, is that it is made as a rule of water. If a label on a bag of dog food says %60 whole chicken, that is quite deceptive as that does not take into bill how much of that %60 of chicken is left after baking it to confiscate not needed substances!

When the label on the bag says %60 of chicken meal, your in receipt of more of the chicken as the consequence has before now been baked to confiscate not needed affects such as bacteria.


Converting dry affair basis

This can be the hard part. All pet foods have another levels of moisture. Canned foods can have up to 80% damp whereas, some dry foods can have as little as 6%. This is chief for 2 reasons. The first is that the food is priced by the pound, and when you buy dog food that is 80% water you get 20% food and the rest is water. So the quantity of food your pet consumes is small and expensive. The other basis for accepting percent damp is to help you associate crude protein and fat connecting brands and amid canned and dry. The listings on the label are for the food as it is, not as it would be on a dry be relevant basis. So devoid of converting both brands of food to a dry be of importance basis you will not be able to associate them accurately. Fortunately, the conversion is not that complicated.

If a dry dog food has 10% dampness we know that it has 90% dry matter. So we look at the label and check the protein level that reads 20%. Next, we apportion the 20 percent protein by the 90% dry affair and we get 22%, which is the total of protein on a dry be of importance basis. Does this make sense so far? Good. Now let us equate this to canned food that has 80% moisture. We know that with 80% wetness we have 20% dry matter. The label shows 5% protein. So we take the 5% and allocate it by 20% and we get 25% protein on a dry affair basis. So the canned food has more protein per pound on a dry be of importance basis after all the water is taken out. We can do the same for fat, fiber, etc.

Good luck calculating!

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