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Attention breeders, domestic animals owners and pet lovers!

*Pets looking for humans, humans looking for pets!*

A website has been produced to show your classified for
buying or your just imperfect to explore for a detail
kind of pet. You have a lot of space for journalism
what is exceptional about your pet or what it is that
you are looking for in a pet.

You also have the alternative of goodbye a consider on the
site of the pet(s) in whick you are selling. We only
deal with people in the United States to keep banned
purchases from being made.

The cost is far lower than any classified ad, and has
the aptitude to reach far more associates than a conventional
newspaper would. With being able to use approximately
100 words, you are definite to get concentration drawn
to your ad! As a seller, you coldness the right to turn
anyone down who you feel unfit to have your animal.

There is no dishonest sales acceptable on this site, and
no sales of in danger of extinction species!

I deem that the prices are set at a fair and
reasonable level.

I have added a pet rescue page to the site as well.
If you have any names or figures for me to put to the
list, I am more than happy to put the info on the site.

http://www. petclassifiedsusa. com

I am a protect of 2, a wife and a disabled veteran. I hunted to help out with money since I cannot get a 'regular' job. I chose to get into this type of big business since I know that there are ancestors all over the Unites States in need to buy or sell pets and livestock. All animals need love, all humans need love. . . . bring them all together and you have man and his best friend!


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