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Glassily transparent, the lemon tetra (hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis) could arrive on the scene to be just a beam of light alternating all the way through your commune tank if not for credentials fundamentals like plants and driftwood. A new affiliate of the large characin clan, the lemon tetra has a absolutely drawn out body like its lesser qualified the neon tetra and like neons and other characins, the lemon tetra does best if kept in small schools of six to eight fish.

One of the most distinguishing skin texture of the lemon tetra is their large eyes. The upper part of the lemon tetra's eye is brilliant red, which is a sharp difference to the fair-haired pastels it displays in its body colors. Actually, though, the lemon tetra is quite full of character on close inspection. Body ruddiness is a delicate pale yellow, flanks are silver, and the chief edge of the anal fin is shiny-bright-yellow and sharply not speaking from the other rays, which are black. In the male, the rest of the anal fin is broad and fringed in black, a characteristic that is lost in the plumper female. As many male characins do, the male lemon tetras also have tiny hooks on their anal fins. Both males and females have the tetras' characteristic adipose fin, which is also pale blond in color.

Although omnivorous and able to exist on a diet of flaked food, the pale fair color of the lemon tetra displays best if the fish's banner diet is well supplemented with live treats. The lemon tetra is an egg-scatterer. However, breeding can be tricky since females often have a catch expelling their eggs and after spawning, the lemon tetra like many others of its species, is quick to cannibalize its eggs if not aloof from the breeding tank. However, eggs will hatch in about 24 hours after spawning. Fry must be fed a live diet and if they survive, they'll be about two inches long as adults.

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