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I get a lot of horse guidance questions about stopping a horse from kicking. The kicking practice of these domestic animals range from the horse kicking at effectively anybody to kicking at only the husbands.

It's a disheartening badly behaved that lots of associates have no idea how to cure. That being so, I want to share some insight to cattle kicking.

First I want to associate some causes of livestock first in the habit of kicking. For the reason that a horse kicks is no basis to think he is as you would expect bad or unmanageable. I don't think there is a horse alive that is "naturally" vicious. In fact, they're made that way due to bad management or ignorant handlers.

Admittedly, there are some livestock that inherit the characteristics of their ancestors. But one ought to never start to break a horse devoid of first charming into contemplation the nature, disposition, and accepting of a horse.

For instance, there are some farm animals that are artlessly inclined to have a "not so good" disposition. There are a variety of brute characteristics you can spot on a horse that be a symptom of what his disposition is like.

Jesse Beery, a famed horse guide from the 1800's, was brilliant at deciphering a horse's disposition. He even wrote extensively about how to do it. You can read about it at http://www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beery_etips. htm.

Anyway, now we can code name the horse according to its disposition. We can get it very almost equal with a good dispositioned horse. All the alteration in the world is due to the management and instruction of the colt. A horse with a "not so good' disposition will call for more patience and thorough work.

All animals in character have a self cover of some sort. A horse's self cover is kicking. After all, if you work with a horse that gets badly excited by some cause (such as ropes or chains advent in commerce with his legs and those parts of his body aren't broken) his first inclination is to kick it out of the way.

The trick is to break a horse in a way that the habit never occurs in the first place. Too many ancestors think a example will be an adequate amount of to educate the horse to be ready to go. But if you're dynamic your horse and he gets fixed under the tail or the cross pieces of the shaft touch his quarters. . . and those parts are unbroken, it would expected frighten and excite him a sufficient amount to cause him to kick.

And the worse part is this: Once started, there is an better inclination to go on kicking until established in the habit.

So the cure is prevention. You must make all parts of his body docile to sensitivity of his extremities. One way to do this is using a method called poling. Essentially, you take a light pole and start at a horse's nose, rub it over the mane, back, belly, quarters, and aware parts of the body, until all muscles befit relaxed.

But what if you have a horse established in the habit of kicking?

If that's the case, I can give you three likely answers.

One is to sell the horse. If you feel it's not fixable then it's not a good idea to keep the horse around. You're going to get brutally injured if you're not extra careful.

Two, get a certified guide to help you. A teacher will accusation everyplace from $400. 00 per month to $900 per month. Is that worth it to get your horse to stop kicking? Only you can decide.

Third, you can learn to do it yourself. There are solutions out there that are cute good. Jesse Beery, which I mentioned earlier, has a eternal clarification to stop it.

About The Author

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse instructor and creator of more than a few best promotion horse instruction and horse care books. For in rank visit his website at www. horsetrainingandtips. com. He is also the chief authority on Jesse Beery's horse guidance methods which can be seen at www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beerya. htm.


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