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To the amateur horse owner, there are apt facts about farm animals they must know. In fact, when a big cheese first gets a horse these appropriate facts must be calculated and learned.

These judicious facts come from the Jesse Beery horse education manual. Jesse Beery was a illustrious horse instructor from the 1800's. Interestingly, Beery's education methods are as able today as they were when Beery was alive.

Timely Fact #1:

Make your horse your friend, not your slave.

Timely Fact #2:

Almost every wrong act of the horse is caused by fear, excitement or mismanagement. One harsh word will amplify the pulse of a jumpy horse ten beats a minute. Hoses know naught about balking until enforced into it by bad management. Any balky horse an be happening steady and true in a few minutes. I never found one that I could not teach to start his load in fifteen log and commonly in three.

Timely Fact #3:

Intelligent horsemen have erudite that kickers, biters and balkers are actual domino effect of abuse, that not one horse in a hundred is vicious until made so by cruelty; that thumping a horse is as mean and deadened as beating a baby, and that the most useful, compliant and long lived domestic animals are those treated from birth with kindness and customary sense.

Timely Fact #4:

The whip is the father of stubborness, but mellowness wins obedience. There is no such thing as balkiness in a horse that is benignly treated, and that gets an rare apple, potato or sugar from his master's hand.

Timely Fact #5:

When a hose is frightened or excited, quiet him by kind words and caress. An excited horse is as good as crazy and to whip him is dangerous, foolish and cruel. I have known a free blow of the whip to balk a animated horse. Beating a balky horse is barbarous and only increases balkiness.

About The Author

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse instructor and creator of quite a few best promotion horse guidance and horse care books. For in a row visit his website at www. horsetrainingandtips. com. He is also the important practiced on Jesse Beery's horse guidance methods which can be seen at www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beerya. htm.


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