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If your life is so busy you accurately only have a close or two a day to spend with your horse, then here are 5 smart exercise tips you can use to keep your horse "tuned up" when you have just log a day.

Smart Tip #1: Apply Assistance Up

Suppose you just fed your horse some hay and he's eating. Presumptuous you have an adequate amount of room to get beside him, put your fiddle with into his chest and get him to back up. Being paid a horse to back up is a basic and basic example domestic animals must know. Plus, when you get a horse to move in a aim you want him to move, you earn accept from him.

Smart Tip #2: Attempt Being paid His Head Down

Just beforehand you feed your horse accost him. When you get to him pet him a connect times. Then put your thumb and first fiddle with on his poll and push down. Do not become more intense the bulldoze of the push. Instead, on a scale of one to ten, push at a one. Then say "head down". If he doesn't drop his head amplify the anxiety to a two. Then say "head down". Recap the administer greater than ever the anxiety until his head drops.

When his head drops, reward him with a petting above the eyes on the forehead.

Over time, work on in receipt of him to drop his head down where you can by a long way put on a halter.

Smart Tip #3: Quick Lunge

If you have a exact or two, already you feed your horse slip on a bridle with a lead rope. Lunge your horse left and right a few times and get him to back up and come forward. You can accomplish this in just about two minutes.

Smart Tip #4: Pick Up The Feet

Before feeding your horse, go pick up his feet. You must start with the front feet. Consider to reward each time he does what you ask. Then go to the back feet. If your horse is easily hurt about preference up his feet you can make amazing breakthroughs over time by doing this in just log a day.

Smart Tip #5: Brush Your Horse

Before feeding, advance your horse with a bridle and brush in hand. Put on the bridle then brush him. You do this since you want him to ally the bridle with pleasure and he'll come to you approximately every time. Thus, each time you want to ride or work with him, and you accost with a halter, he's more disposed to let you catch him.

About The Author

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse guide and creator of numerous best advertising horse exercise and horse care books. For in rank visit his website at www. horsetrainingandtips. com. He is also the chief knowledgeable on Jesse Beery's horse education methods which can be seen at www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beerya. htm.


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