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Horse instruction gets a new face lift from a 108 year old horse exercise manual! - pets


If you have a passion to learn all you can about horse training, then you will want to know about a 108 year old horse exercise blue-collar freshly rejuvenated from a dusty old book shelf of a used book store.

This horse instruction guide was in black and white in the late 1800's by a then world eminent horse teacher named Jesse Beery.

In Beery's guide he explains the assorted steps it takes to train a horse to be gentle, safe, reliable, and valuable.

Although this is a very basic example, Beery describes the digit one abuse of a appreciation given to farm animals by their riders. The be in charge is "whoa". The analyze this appreciation is so abused is since the rider will often say "whoa" while riding when they want the horse to slow down.

Very quickly, the horse acquaintances the word "whoa" with slowing down as a substitute of stopping. Soon, the frustrated horse owner wonders why his horse won't stop when he says "whoa".

Beery reminds the booklover to say "whoa" ONLY when you want the horse to stop. Pick a atypical authority for the horse to slow down.

Furthermore, Beery explains with great aspect how to teach a horse to stop - even under any circumstance. This lesson, according to Beery, is THE MOST crucial one of all.

Beery also describes in his book how to cure another vices a horse may have. For instance, if a horse is a complete biter and has been for a long time, Beery gives clear directive on how to stop it for good.

Even beat is the command Beery offers for cattle that jump fences. In the book, you see a conjure up of a clean apparatus put on a horse to keep him from jumping. Beery says "When this clear-cut domestic device is on your horse, he can lie down and get up, eat, or do everything but run fast or jump. This is the best, most reliable, and safest remedy that has ever been devised for fence jumpers. "

Unfortunately, this book is rare an adequate amount of that few copies exist. The copies that exist are not continually legible due to departure and age. Thus, good copies are very pricey.

American horse teacher Andy Curry bare a legible copy from a used book store on a dusty shelf. Curry was able to make copies existing to horse owners who want to learn about Beery's methods.

About The Author

Andy Curry is a nationally known horse guide and biographer of quite a few best advertising horse exercise and horse care books. For in a row visit his website at www. horsetrainingandtips. com. He is also the chief authority on Jesse Beery's horse guidance methods which can be seen at www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beerya. htm.


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