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If there is an art to receiving cattle to load in a trailer, then this it.

The first thing that must come to pass is contact among the horse and his handler. The horse must appreciate what is compulsory of him and the handler must make it easy to understand.

Thus, you must start by being paid the horse to move accelerate in both direction. After a administration is conventional then get him heartrending in the conflicting direction. A round pen is first-rate for this purpose.

When the horse gets good at affecting both guidelines then it's time to hook a lead rope to his noose and lunge him left and right. For instance, when you point left, the horse must know to go to your left. And vice versa for going right.

The final answer must look like this. You're asset the lead rope while facing your horse. As you hold the lead rope in your right hand, you hook the average of the lead rope with your left thumb. Lift it up and point to the left.

Your horse, now deliberate what to do, closely goes to your left. After a clique or two you button hands and get the horse to go to your right.

When he gets good at that, then send (lunge) him all the way through gate openings, barn door openings, etc. Also, lunge him in minor sitting room to help him deal with his actual claustrophobia. You can do this by lunging him among you and a fence. As he goes back and forth make the space connecting you and the fence smaller. Be cautious not to get stepped on.

Now that he's good at that, you take him by the trailer. You open the door and let him sniff it. Then you step back and face your horse. You lunge him left and right in front of the preview while he passes back and forth by the opening.

After all this pointing and distribution your horse now knows what you want. You have communicated to him when you point left that he is to move left and so on.

The next step is to face him to the trailer. With his head facing into the promo and you durable on his left side you then send (point) him into the trailer.

Some domestic animals will austerely jump right in the ad where others may take more work.

If your horse doesn't go in after pointing and coaxing then take him away from the ad and make him work. Now you want to convey the idea that being in the ad means he can relax. Being exterior the preview means he has to work hard. Eventually, he'll catch on.

Once you have him in the trailer, pet him and let him relax. Talk to him. Let him know how good he did.

Obviously, in receipt of a horse to load in a clip isn't rocket science. But you can do it. It takes patience and work

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Andy Curry is a nationally known horse coach and cause of quite a few best promotion horse instruction and horse care books. For in sequence visit his website at www. horsetrainingandtips. com. He is also the most important connoisseur on Jesse Beery's horse education methods which can be seen at www. horsetrainingandtips. com/Jesse_Beerya. htm.


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