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You may wish to care about a chinchilla as a achievable pet. They are of the rodent family, (but it doesn't seem that way).

Also known as "chins" they have incredible downy fir, and they resemble a fat collector with Mickey mouse type ears. They are nocturnal, while they do get up and play alot at some point in the day. Chins are very smart and playful, and I'm told can be trained. They are also very clean,so their cage area doesn't tend to stink as many other types of caged animals can.

I got my first pair of chinchillas, as adults, a proven breeding pair. They were nice a sufficient amount but they never actually did bond with us. We ended up having 3 litters total. They by and large have 1-3 babies (also known as kits), and their pregnancy is 111 days (about 4 months), which is very long development cycle for an bodily that size.

The babies are born fully formed, "ready to go" you might say. Fully furred, eyes opened, consecutively around. They can even eat adult food more or less from day 1, while they fancy to nurse.

Chinchillas eat geared up chinchilla food that comes in a capsule form. They also need 1 raisin a day (which they LOVE!). Every few days it's a good idea to give them a dust bath. You can purchase"chinchilla dust" at a pet store. You put it in a bowl and they dive in, roll and kick up a fuss, and is pure delight to watch. Circle at all times love to watch "Ittle bittle" take her bath.

The real joy for us came as we kept one of the babies, we later sold mom and dad. She bonded exceedingly well with us, she was handled a lot from birth on. She has been one of the BEST pets I've ever had (of any kind of animal). She is playful, friendly, never bites, when she "barks" its a quiet, cute kind of bark. A whole lot of personality and atmosphere she is.

Chins are more full of beans type pets, than a sit down lap type animal. I would counsel being paid a baby if you conclude to get a chinchilla. They commonly run about $100. in the US for a pet, but that price can vary a lot. Try to asset one from a honest breeder.

Another very nice attribute about chins as pets, is they have no claws or fingernails. They have these diminutive soft pads on the floor of their feet, so you don't get scratched. I wouldn't advise them with small brood however, as young offspring could by far hurt a chinchilla.

They have a life span of about 25-30 years. They do need to live indoors, or climate type prohibited setting. Chins come in a assortment of colors but the accepted gray color is the most common, and the other, more rare insignia will cost more usually. Since of their very long life span, be sure you're ready for that assurance ahead of being paid one however.

I found when I was annoying to sell the babies that most citizens had no idea of what a chinchilla was, or had even seen them. That made it a bit awkward to find homes at times, even though with such few babies, this wasn't a problem. The associates who did come to asset a chin had this 1 thing in common: all of them had each owned a chinchilla previously, or had a close ally who did and had been about them. That certainly says a little about this type of brute for a pet.

I would however, if you do come to a decision to asset a chinchilla, get only one and not a pair. If you have one, they bond much beat to their human owner (you), than if you have a pair. That's almost certainly the largest basis why the fundamental pair never bonded much to us, since they were so carefully bonded to themselves.

By Valerie Garner-Mother, grandmother and candlemaker / owner of Ecstatic Designs in Soy. She loves to write on a array of topics with a warm, and engaging style. http://www. joyfuldesignsinsoy. com


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