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Are you just opening to delve into the BARF diet for dogs - also known as "bones and raw food" or the RAW diet? It can be baffling - I bring to mind asking TONS of questions when I first started. How do you know how much to feed? WHAT do you feed? Can you mix the BARF diet with processed food? How long does it take to coach the raw food? How much does it cost to buy all the BARF goods necessary? Be supposed to you feed raw meat and vegetables? Well, on the last question, only you can choose what's right for your dog, but I'll key the rest of your questions as best I can.

How do you know how much to feed?

It exceedingly depends on the consequence of your dog. Most colonize advocate 2-5% of their body weight. Just make sure you know your dog's credence already starting, and then watch their credence and bend depending if they gain/lose/maintain.

WHAT do you feed?

Raw meaty bones, like chicken necks and backs for example. Muscle meat which has no bones. Organ meat, like lungs, liver, kidneys, etc. Some colonize also comprise raw vegetables.

Can you mix the BARF diet with processed food?

It's not not compulsory as processed food, or kibble, is digested in about 10-12 hours, and raw food in about 4-6. This can lead to critical shape problems. That being said, some citizens do it quite lucratively - but I wouldn't.

How long does it take to arrange the raw food?

If you buy pre-prepared BARF for your dog, it only takes the time to thaw out and put in their bowl. If you desire the DIY (do it yourself) method, this would depend on what you're portion and to how many dogs. Most citizens commend pre-packaging once a week in the portion sizes compulsory for your dog. You could in all probability in safety count on a half hour per dog, less if you can get your assassinate to do some of the acerbic for you.

How much does it cost to buy all the BARF crop necessary?

This would also depend on whether you're going with the DIY or exchange the packaged food. DIY commonly requires hunting for bargains and can be time consuming. What I fancy to do (with only 2 dogs) is buy my BARF pre-packaged from a decent business and I serve that. It can be more expensive, but with our busy lives, I don't mind paying a few bucks more.

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