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Vitamins Can Augment Your Dog's Life Span!

There is confirmation to bring to mind that a good vitamin supplement for your dog not only helps prevent, better or cure many degenerative type illnesses and disease, but may in reality extend your dog's life span. Really!

This is especially the hint if you supplement with vitamins while your dog is young and healthy, considerably than behind you for your dog to get sick or show the usual signs of aging and degeneration.

So let's start with a barely lecture on the cause, and effects, of disease. . . .

Disease is a course of action which increasingly debilitates the cells of an organism. The individual may be you, or me, or your dog (or mine!)

Debilitated cells are powerless to rebuild, reinforce and darning dent which as anticipated occurs just because of the fact of being alive and heartbreaking day by day more rapidly to the end of life. Of course, much superior destruction can be caused by poor nourishment or other relating to diet deficiencies or excesses, environmental poisons, animal and/or emotional stress or insufficient excercise. In short, no matter which which pushes the human being past its optimum capacity, or causes it to fall short of its optimum capacity, can and will cause harm and will hamper the cells.

Do you ever supplement your own diet and lifestyle with vitamins and/or minerals?

Me too.

But you know what? It didn't occur to me that my charming dogs would advantage from a good vitamin supplement until current years.

I all the time (wrongly) implicit that if I gave my dogs a by and large artless diet of raw meat and bones, with the infrequent add-on of steamed vegetables and rice or pasta, and with a break of day snack of a small handful of ad dry dog food, my dogs would continually linger in tip top health.

Luckily for me, I was on the right track, and my dogs have constantly been very healthy. My vet routinely respects me on their great teeth and gums and breathtaking all-purpose health.

But as they ongoing in receipt of past their prime, some shape concerns happening popping up. Kara, my Rottweiler, in progress increasing arthritis and the possessions of hip dysplasia (which she's had since very young, but exclusive of any symptoms). Analogous to my own parents (who're well into their 60's), Kara on track to look a bit older and stiffer when she moved, and in particular when she got up after lying still for a while.

So I ongoing Kara on a dog vitamin supplement. And, oh, what a difference! It took a few weeks to kick in, but once I'd found the right dose and the vitamins ongoing to show their effects, Kara appeared more young at heart - less stiff - and she didn't look so uncomfortable when heartbreaking around. It especially has done wonders.

And still I didn't "get it" in broad-spectrum terms. For the reason that Kara evidently had a problem, I absolute to treat it with a supplement. But I didn't think to treat Jet, my Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well, which I be supposed to have done just to keep her in tip top shape even all the same she had no aspect harms back then. Above and beyond which, Kara takes her vitamins in dosage form, while Jet is a capsule nightmare!

But when Jet was also diagnosed with the early stages of a degenerative disease - gradual loss of her eyesight - the penny at length dropped. I accepted wisdom "Why on earth am I not bountiful Jet a vitamin supplement as well?" So I use a dose crusher and mix the crushed dose with peanut butter. Yes, these pills crush cute well. And Jet eats them! I have to admit that she still looks suspiciously at the brew each day, but the lure of the peanut butter as a rule gets the beat of her!

Nowadays I categorically swear by dog vitamins. I exceedingly don't know why I didn't think them basic long ago. But develop late than never.

And my dogs are now in peak physical condition even although they're both appearance up to 10 years old.

Do you want your dog to enjoy peak health?

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(c) 2005, Brigitte Smith, Good for your health Happy Dogs

Brigitte Smith is a dog lover with a exclusive activity in holistic dog health. Her site, Good for you Happy Dogs, has pages and pages of in sequence on humanizing your dog's physical condition naturally. Brigitte is the dramatist of more than a few reports, articles, and the Good for you Happy Dogs newsletter.

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