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Dogs must be alive to age 20 or more. That's their accepted lifespan. But it's being cut short by substance toxicity in their location and in business-related petfood, which is fed (to a larger or less important extent) to over 90 per cent of pets in advanced society.

Whether you feed your dog fresh meat or home arranged food as your basic food source, if you're charitable ANY advertisement petfood to your dog, the odds are that you're callous your dog's life short. Add to this the toxicity of most veterinary-prescribed and over the answer drugs, as well as your dog's vaccinations, cortisone (given for a horde of problems), and scrounger treatments (worms, fleas, ticks, mites and so on), and you've got a substance concoction which is causing premature ageing and death in companion animals all over the developed world.

Does it have to be this way?

Pollutants concern us all to some degree, but there ARE a digit of steps that you can take to minimise your dog's exposure to toxic compounds that change your dog's physical condition and longevity. There ARE chemical-free dog food programs. There ARE accepted alternatives to most toxic drugs routinely given to your dog. And you CAN bring down the pollutants and chemicals that your dog is exposed to on a daily basis.

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Healthy Happy Dogs is a all-embracing reserve for dog lovers concerned in civilizing the physical condition and natural life of their dogs. Your dog's shape can be enhanced drastically devoid of resorting to toxic drugs, and by avoiding about all business petfood.

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Brigitte Smith is a dog lover with a exclusive appeal in holistic dog health. Her site, Good for your health Happy Dogs, has pages and pages of in rank on civilizing your dog's physical condition naturally. Brigitte is the biographer of quite a few reports, articles, and the Good for you Happy Dogs newsletter.

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