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How to Deal With Angst in Your Dog

Anxiety in dogs can be caused by any come to of effects - illness, travel, thunderstorms, death in the family, separation, or they may advance unexplained fearful or anxious behaviour, or barking or other antisocial behaviour.

If you can associate the cause of the anxiety, then the best elucidation to the badly behaved is to delete the cause.

This is not constantly possible, though. If your dog is experiencing separation apprehension every time you leave the house, and you work full time exterior the home, you've got a problem! I assume you could give up work and stay home with your dog, but from time to time we need to be a a small amount realistic!

For this detail badly behaved there are a add up to of effects you can do to alleviate your dog's disquiet when you leave - many ancestors have found that in performance peaceful music while they're out works wonders.

Mozart? - that definitely used to calm my agitated son down a little, so Mozart would be my delicate first choice, but there are many calming classical and new age, or even some light rock or jazz music might work - try out doesn't matter what you have in your CD anthology for starters.

Another breathtaking idea I read about a short time ago is creation a tape copy of your own voice and in concert that on a nonstop play while you're gone.

And there are a selection of homeopathic and herbal remedies which especially do calm your dog. So those may well assist with your dog's separation anxiety.

But what about dogs who are frightened of loud noises - my dog Kara has an irrational fear of thunderstorms, and fear of fireworks, and, well, actually, she's scared of just about any loud noises. Many dogs are like this.

One New Year's Eve when I was away, Kara dug her way under the house and escaped (due to being terrified of the fireworks which were going off). My neighbours had to pick her up from the pound the subsequent morning. Evidently the dog catchers are out in force on New Year's Eve for the reason that they round up many dogs and hold them! A nice a small amount revenue shot for the local authorities. From recollection it cost about $100 to get her back.

Anyway, I've found that peppermint oil functional to the pads of her paws has some encouraging effect. And a actual stress remedy also works very nicely.

Some years ago, ahead of I became concerned in actual remedies for dogs - essentially it was next the fireworks clash - Kara became quite indomitable to go on escaping, for some reason. Once she realised she could get out, she just kept on trying. She was even destroying part of my house in her determination to try to get all through the thick made of wood boards I had put up to check auxiliary escapes. So I took her to the vet, as I was at a accomplish loss to know what to do with her. She was prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. This made Kara quite dopey, and seemed to take some of her personality away somehow. In other words, I consider she appeared drugged. I didn't like it at all.

Now I know that there are much more pleasant, all accepted angst treatments for dogs, which have no nasty side effects. And they actually do work just as well.

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