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Annual Vaccinations for Your Dog?

Are they certainly necessary? - In a word, NO!

You maybe collect an twelve-monthly reminder from your vet that your dog is due for his/her once a year health check and vaccinations. I do.

But I don't have my dogs vaccinated any more.

For years I was hoodwinked into believing that vaccinations were chief to my dogs' health. Why else would my vet tell me my dogs desired an yearly vaccination jab shot?

Why indeed.

I educated the come back with when, after assiduous research, I certain not to expose my dogs to what I have faith in is unnecessary, and potentially dangerous, toxins, any more.

I established the epistle from my vet as usual, advising that my dogs' yearly medical and vaccinations were due.

I made an appointment and indoors ready to do battle. I advised the vet that I had certain not to have my dogs vaccinated any more. She said "Fine. "

That's right - after years of foremost me to have faith in that these vaccinations were central to my dogs' wellbeing, the vet decided that they were not in fact compulsory at all! She went on to stress the consequence of still bringing the dogs in for their yearly animal medical (which was what I was doing, and emphatically anticipated to carry on to do).

So that's why we're all told that our dogs need twelve-monthly vaccinations - it's austerely a ploy to get us in so our dogs can be given a physical. Why not just tell us how crucial these once a year checkups are as a replacement for of at a snail's pace but assuredly poisoning our dogs with these vaccines?

I don't have the counter to that, but I can tell you I was speechless.

I've now found out that all crosswise America a new protocol for vaccinating dogs has now been issued and is leisurely creation its way to vets. (I haven't been able to locate a comparable protocol for Australia, but I'm sure it's in the pipeline). This protocol does not advise any vaccinations for dogs ahead of 1 year of age!

Make sure you ask your vet next time a injection has been suggested for your dog - it this especially necessary? And if you're not content with the answer, be concerned about being paid a be with attitude from a further vet.

Side property of this appalling over-vaccination which has been going on for years can be hefty and severe.

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(c) 2005, Brigitte Smith

Brigitte Smith is a dog lover with a elite appeal in holistic dog health. Her site, Good for your health Happy Dogs, has pages and pages of in a row on civilizing your dog's healthiness naturally. Brigitte is the dramatist of a amount of reports, articles, and the Beneficial Happy Dogs newsletter.

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