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Introducing your puppy to the crate be supposed to be an easy and fun process. First, start by putting the crate everyplace the puppy enjoys being. Try the breed room or where each one "hangs out". Open the door and just let your puppy explore at his own pace. Reward him for going near it by tossing a cheerio or some other small treat.

To teach the words "kennel" (I use go to bed) Just toss in a treat and say the word. Don't shut the door everytime.

Never shove your dog in a crate. Your dog will at once learn that kennel means get in your crate.

If your dog doesn't go in after the cookie, then toss it more rapidly and faster until your dog does go in. Then let him come out on his own.

You dont want your puppy to learn that everytime you say it you mean you are going to be exit him. If not he might avoid in receipt of in!

You can also feed your dog in their kennel. If everytime you reward them for going in, they will begin to enjoy it and have a activist alliance to the crate.

Finally, when you do leave your dog leave a stuffed kong to keep your puppy busy. If they do whine or bark, never let them out. Wait until they are quiet. Teach your dog to sit tolerantly while before you to leave the crate. Early etiquette early will eliminate collective problems.

Amy Dunphy
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