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The term applehead Chihuahua refers to the shape of a baby Chihuahua's head. The dome of the skull is broader than the jaw, charitable rise to the account "applehead". It takes into checking account that the top of the head has a affront depression. This depression is called a molera (Spanish for fontanel) and corresponds to the "soft spot" on a baby's head. Some Chis have it--some don't.

There was disagreement for a while over whether the authority of a molera on an applehead Chihuahua was a bad thing and ought to be careful a demerit for family assessment. Recently, this has been seen as completely discountable. The aura or nonappearance of a molera has NO compass reading on a Chihuahua's pedigree.

On October 30, 1990, the American Kennel Club adopted a set of principles for the Chihuahua as a breed. It did not be at variance from the prior April 14, 1943, standard. Planned under "Head" is the subsequent description: "A well rounded "apple dome" skull, with or devoid of molera. " So while the authoritative account of the applehead Chihuahua is "apple dome", there's no disputing the AKC Allowed Breed Average for "Expression": Saucy!

The AKC Breed Average burden limit for a Chi is 6 pounds. If your young applehead Chihuahua gains too much weight, the "appleheaded-ness" will dissolve beforehand than by means of clean aging. As in humans, too much credence puts a strain on all systems, in particular the heart. Be nice to your pet and don't feed it huge meals or table scraps.

Additionally, the tiny legs of an applehead Chihuahua cannot by a long shot assistance gross extra weight. They will arise a clause called slipped stifles, which is an injury of the knee caused by patella fracturing. It can be fixed with an operation, but that is an amount and pain that you do not need to incur. Be sure to get your applehead Chihuahua from a breeder that has cautiously tartan its breeding stock for inheritable weaknesses. And for sure, don't let your Chi jump down from your arms or other high places. Their joints just cannot take the stress.

You'll keep your applehead Chihuahua good for you for as much of the 15 year existence as achievable if you limit its food and accurately afford the bring to bear it--and YOU--demand!

Stephanie Hetu
Chihuahua Chic
Exquisite designer chihuahua products. 'Cause your Chi deserves the best, just like you.


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