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Westies dogs' owners delight in the friendship their dogs give them at some stage in long and easy walks. But this bustle must be one that brings pleasure to both.

How can you make sure that your dog also enjoys these activities?

First, you'll need to get your dog accustomed to having his paws handled and manipulated.

These are critical Westie healthiness issues that come under the grooming umbrealla.

When your dog is tolerant of such action it would be easier for both you and the veterinarian to assiduously dissect your dog if there are cuts or bruises on, in and about his paws.

Where must these foot exams take place? Pick a spot that's comfortable for both of you, and is at the same time well-lit. Here's how to do it. Put the dog's paw in your hand. Run your feel about every pad. If you feel lumps, analyze it close up to find out what it is.

Keep a pair of tweezers handy, to pull out bits of twig that may be stuck.

If the skin is broken, put anti-bacterial balm or powder on the sore. Check the next day to make sure it heals completely. Refrain from attractive a walk with your dog in the next combine of days, until the remedial is completed.

Here's what you must do if you find a lump in one foot that's not at hand in the other foot. Get your dog to the vet. He or she may have an boil or an interdigital cyst.

Examine and trim the paws regularly.

Regularly trim all the hair that's out from amid the pads. Don't trim it too tight. If you see a matt of hair sticking out, cut it. Don't strip or pull the hairs. It's anguished for your dog.

Here's what to do if your pet's paws are itchy. Look for these symptoms; the hairs and even the nails are a rosy brown. The pads are swollen. This means yeast and bacteria by now be emergent in the crevices amid the pads and about the nails. Visit your vet so he or she can counsel drug to cut the boil and alleviate the itching.

Doing conventional examinations on your Westies (Scottish in origin) dog's paw prior to and after your walks, will make your dog eagerly await each sojourn.

(Disclaimer: Any in sequence limited in this site linking to a mixture of medical, healthiness and capability circumstances of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a exchange for the advice provided by your own veterinarian. You be supposed to not use the in sequence enclosed here for diagnosing the fitness of any animal. You be supposed to all the time consult and check with your own vet or veterinarian. )

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