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How to keep your cat happy and good for you - playtime for kitty - pets


While dogs tend to get lots of exercise, cats are often left to their own devices, having to find their own ways of exercising if they are kept indoors.

Cats have gone from functioning animals to creatures of leisure. In the past, a cat spent most of its day hunting, custody the farmhouse free of rodents. Today, most cats are pure companions who spend the day ahead of you for their beloved human to benefit home. Even if you work from home, it is critical to set aside some time to play with your cat. Interacting with you stimulates her physically and mentally, maintenance her beneficial in body and mind.

The time of day you play depends on your schedule and your cat's accepted rhythms. Some cats like a relaxed morning, while others are fired up from the minute they open their eyes. It may take a while to find the time that fits both of you. Once you've found it, however, don't be astounded to see your cat in the family way play at that time each day. Cats are creatures of habit, and they feel most assure with a consistent schedule.

Play time helps with some activities problems. A inspiring game of chase-the-lure will take the edge off of a energetic catlike who tends to assail her owner's ankles. A good dose of interaction also fills her need for your complete concentration and may make her less possible to drape herself crossways you at an inconvenient time.

Remember that if you don't want your cat to play with your plants while you're away, don't' use plant fronds as lures for the duration of play time. The same thing applies to hands; if you don't want your cat to attack suddenly on unsuspecting visitors hands, don't use yours as a toy when in performance with her. If you asset toys for your cat, check to make sure that all small pieces are protected tightly.

The best toys for cats are often home-made and only need YOUR interaction.

My choice is "fishing" with a piece of chain or a stick. Hold the string/stick above the head of your cat pretending its a fishing rod. Your cat will delight in jumping and swatting, above all if you let her catch it once in a while.

Another darling with my cats is to crush a piece of paper. Just the sound of the paper seems to get them excited. Show the cats the ball of paper and then throw it for them. Watch as they chase it round the room in delight.

Some toys, such as lures emotionally involved to filament ought to only be played with when you are there to manipulate it. If you leave it set up for her while you are gone, there is a accidental she could be converted into disordered in the line and choke. Pet contribute food carry some charismatic self-play toys, such as a ball contained by a track that will keep your kitty in safety contented while you are away. A kitty condo or carpeted tree is good investment. The numerous levels further climbing, while the hitting holes allow your cat to indulge her nuisance instinct. Toys need not be expensive. Construct a cat puzzle by taping a toilet paper roll tube to the floor and insertion a cat treat inside. Your cat will enjoy demanding o get the treat from the tube.

Be sure that you continue in be in command of for the duration of playtime. If your cat starts to play roughly, rub a stuffed brute adjacent to her belly and cursorily leave your hands. This directs her aggressive activities onto the toy and away from you. If she ignores the toy and continues to play-attack you, end the play conference and walk away. Come back in a few moments and try again. After awhile, she will learn that you be in command of the level of play, not her.

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