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From the first day of life on a leash, most dogs learn that by pulling on it, they get to where they want faster. Its the activities that so many dog owners struggle with. Its a clear-cut blend - just stop walking. Although, in some way your dog doesn't learn its just that simple. Or maybe we aren't beliefs it for practical purposes enough. Or say, you have qualified your dog that, but when they want to sniff the fire hydrant, or meet your neighbors dog, or chase a squirrel.

I have absolute as an owner, that the only way to walk my dogs is by using both a gentle guide or a gentle guide easy walk harness. I still enforce the rules - the dog pulls, I stop. The dog pays interest and walks with me, I move ahead and often give treats and praise for doing so.

The argue I use and advise these two items is simple, prevention and safety. If the dog does pull, they don't carry on to go forward, they are as a substitute twisted about and facing me again. It helps me stay consistent.

The Gentle Chief is a great tool. The fit is a bit tricky and most dogs fight it when they get it on - EW a little is on my FACE! Disregard it. If you just keep going, stay happy and add force to them not pawing at it, it will go away. Some have argued that the Gentle Chief can cause break to their head / back. I think this is only true if the dog is administration and you snap the leash. Do not use the tool this way. I choose a shorter leash and never yank or pull the leash. Instead, just stop, so their head is guided, not artificial back around.

The tool I advocate and use is the Gentle Director Easy Walk Harness. Its an easy fit, the dog doesn't mind it, and it works especially well. There is no issue of the dog escaping, and no harm since you are controling the body.

Amy Dunphy, CPDT Owner of The Dog Instructor Search Find dog exercise information, advice, tools and supplies

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