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New book helps anxious owners of a pregnant cat - pets


'Help, my cat is pregnant and I don't know what to do!' Not a day goes by exclusive of a big shot redeployment this implication to an Internet forum.

Worried cat owners will know what to do if they read How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat. This new newspaper is one of the first English-language books in many years exclusively on cat pregnancy.

The author, journalist and long-time cat lover Marc de Jong, is the owner of Cat Pregnancy Report. This web site on track in Dignified 2004 and abruptly conventional itself as a very all the rage site.

'Before I ongoing my site, it was quite awkward to find a all-embracing guide on the Net about pregnancy in cats', says de Jong. 'Many cat sites and forums tell owners only to spay their cat and just about flame ancestors to death if they say their cat got pregnant. Of choice they are right when they say there's an overpopulation of cats. However, it's also a fact that millions of cats do get pregnant unplanned. If you don't tell their owners what to do and what to expect, you can jeopardize the life of these cats. '

Marc de Jong acknowledged dozens of e-mails from concerned cat owners since he in progress his site. 'Questions were often so full that I had to do a lot of do research to key them. The in a row I gathered was so advantageous that I sought to share it with all cat lovers. '

Instead of adding up it to his before now very informative web site, he categorical to broadcast a book. 'Web sites have limitations', de Jong says. 'People tend to scan pages and miss half of the text. They are constantly swayed to click all through to an added site. Also, printing a page isn't at all times easy. And if you have a dial-up account, then the more you read, the more money you pay. '

To give cat owners burning admission to his book he twisted How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat into an e-book, a digital newspaper downloadable from his web site. He added extra value by interviewing award-winning breeders and veterinarians expert in cats. Their insider tips are all in the book.

How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat covers just about every business associated to pregnancy in cats. Heat cycles, mating, signs of cat pregnancy, food, care, birth, raising kittens . . . it's all there.

'The first comeback from readers is very good', says the author. 'There's no doubt the book is a great help for owners of a pregnant cat. '

Click for more information: http://www. pregnant-cat-care. com


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