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Almost exclusive of exception, breeders will make public that their desired terrier, westies dogs, are good with children. However, terrier enthusiasts, and westie rescue organizations, tell a altered story. Ahead of you bring your terrier into a home with small children, be sure you appreciate the westie personality, and how they might react to your children's behavior.

Like any terrier, a westie can have what is called a high 'prey drive. ' Any breed of terrier, westhighland terriers included, was at first bred to hunt down small prey, chase into its den, and then aggressively, or even viscously fight the prey until it was jammed in the dog's jaws. For the reason that small children's high, squealing voices sound like the squeals of fleeing prey , a westies' prey drive may be triggered by these sounds.

To compound the awkwardness the dog will see brood administration from them in the same way the see prey administration to escape. It will give chase.

Among the breeds of terrier, a westie is one that will not tolerate manhandling. Trainers give an opinion that dissimilar some dogs, which can be desensitized to the ear-pulling, and poking and prodding that small family are apt to inflict, westies will react adversely to this treatment. The more you or your child annoys your a small amount terrier, the more expected it is to befit aggressive or nip.

From the point of view of a terrier, it will see small brood as an mediocre affiliate of the 'pack. ' This is true of many dogs. Being strong-willed west upland white terriers have an inclination to be bossy in the first place. Small family are incapable of countering this behavior.

If you have your heart set on a terrier, westies can still be your dog of abundance if you have children. First train your children, then train your terrier. Teach your brood how to accurately approach, handle, and play with your westie.

This is wise for any child, even if you do not have dogs, as at some time in their lives they will meet a stray, or a dog tethered in its yard, and will need to know what to do to avoid irritating the animal.

Obedience guidance is approvingly not compulsory for any westie that will be about small children. Also, give your westie an break away from hole, a place that only it can reach, where it can feel safe if the family do control to annoy it. Even if you have had compliance exercise for your terrier, they must never be left alone with babies or toddlers. This is true of any dog.

Playful, friendly, and loyal, westhighland terriers are good pets. If both are accurately supervised and prepared, can truly be good dogs for children.

(Disclaimer: Any in a row restricted in this site concerning to a mixture of medical, healthiness and capability setting of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a alternate for the counsel provided by your own veterinarian. You be supposed to not use the in rank enclosed here for diagnosing the physical condition of any animal. You ought to continually consult and check with your own vet or veterinarian. )

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