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How to play carefully with your westie puppies - pets


Just like children, westie puppies learn by means of play. In concert games with your west flat terrain white terrier pups creates an break to train them to obey your commands, gives them beneficial exercise, and helps to build their strength, coordination, and agility. It is also fun for everyone.

Before you start in concert games, there are some rules you ought to know, and wellbeing precautions you ought to take. Your pups need to exceedingly run, not just walk on a leash, but be sure any area you play in has a fence. If they are city dogs, try judgment a fenced-in tennis court for play. As a last resort, keep the puppy on an extra-long line. You do not want them to wander free until you are a few they will come again on your command.

Never egg on your west table pups to jump. The young bones are fragile, and not able to bear the stress of jumping until the cyst plates are fused. Games like Frisbee, or considerable dexterity training, are for older dogs, even though there is still much you can do with your westie puppies by having them effective at argument level. If you are eager to start these kinds of games, at about one year of age you can take your westies to their veterinarian for an x-ray, to see if the advance plates are absolutely fused.

Westie pups first learn to play in the litter by roughhousing with their littermates, but at six to eight weeks, the care for westie begins to dampen this behavior. You be supposed to dampen it as well, by never roughhousing in ways that allow them to bite, nip, or claw at your hands. A nip from a puppy may seem harmless, but if a full-grown westie nips, you have a deeds problem. It also teaches them that they can dominate you all through aggression. If they do administer to get a nip in at some stage in play, depress it in the same way dogs do, by imitating a 'yelp' sound.

Always hang about in be in charge of with your pets. You want to teach them you are the 'alpha-dog. ' Towards this end, never reward them by chasing after them when they run away from you. Instead, 'hide' from your pups, building them come after you. Tug of War games are good, but never allow the dogs to take the tug toy from you. You must be in charge of it at all times, deciding when to end the game by compelling it from the dog with a 'give' command. Never allow your west table terrier puppies to grab a ball or other toy from your hands.

(Disclaimer: Any in a row controlled in this site involving to a range of medical, fitness and appropriateness setting of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a proxy for the guidance provided by your own veterinarian. You ought to not use the in rank restricted in this for diagnosing the shape of any animal. You ought to constantly consult and check with your own vet or veterinarian. )

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