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Just like when you bring home a new baby, you will need to coach ahead of you bring home your westie puppy. The needs of westie pups are not tremendous, but there are a few effects that you must have in place to give your westie a safe, happy transition into your life.

It is much easier and safer to foil your west raised ground terrier pup from being paid into and destroying equipment than it is to watch him every second. Bear in mind that any item they chew on is also an item that is potentially swallowed: bits of cloth, tassels, string, and of course, shoes.

Secure the whole lot that can be pulled out up or moved. Electrical cords are a actual danger. A elucidation called 'bitter apple' can be sprayed on cords, and something else that cannot be relocated, to dampen chewing.

Dog trainers advocate that you never give your new puppy the choice to roam the house while you are gone. A crate will keep the dog secure, and can also be used for safe travel. Pick one that is big a sufficient amount for the dog to stand up and turn about in. Baby gates, or pet gates, will keep it confined to a room of the house that has a enduring floor.

Since your westie will not be old a sufficient amount for steadfast housetraining until about four months of ages, this may be basic to care your carpets stain-free.

Your westie dog will need to eat, and it is wisest to ask the breeder what he has been eating, and buy that brand. You may adjust the food later, but in the creation he will have an adequate amount adjustments to make not including a alter in diet. Food and water bowls ought to be of stainless steel, since most plastics will befall victims of teething.

To further it to chew on adequate items, have a medley of energetic chew toys on hand. These must be made of Cressite, or English rubber, even though tennis balls and nylabones are also acceptable.

You will want to get your westhighland terrier puppy used to a collar and leash as abruptly as possible. Buy a light collar and leash, as it should be for puppies, and get an ID tag to go with them. The grooming custom is also a touch that it needs to be subjected to as early as possible. Have a brush or comb ready at hand.

Some owners advise a bed of old towels, while others be redolent of faux lambskin. Like the lot else you buy for your westie puppy, anything you desire for a bed ought to be both washable and durable, as well as comfortable for your dog.

Last, but not least, find a veterinarian. A honest west upland white terrier breeder will even let you bring the dog to a vet ahead of purchase, in order to make certain that the dog you bring home is healthy.

(Disclaimer: Any in order enclosed in this site concerning to a number of medical, physical condition and capability environment of Westies or other animals and their treatments is for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a proxy for the counsel provided by your own veterinarian. You must not use the in rank enclosed in this for diagnosing the physical condition of any animal. You ought to continually consult and check with your own vet or veterinarian. )

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