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For most West Flat terrain White Terrier owners, the dog is a beloved appendage of the family. Like your children, you will want to capture cinema of your Westies from the time they are puppies until they are old-timers. Receiving good films of Westies may demand a bit of distinctive research and know-how, but even the amateur photographer can get good ones at home.

Camera Angle

A collective confuse amateurs make when captivating movies of their Westies is to shoot from a continuance position, with the dog on the ground. While you might get a good adventure (teeth showing) or two this way, the best are shot from your Westie's level - low down, on the floor. Alternatively, for a posed picture, you can raise your dog up on a table or chair. The aim is to capture your West Raised ground White Terrier from his perspective on life.

Sitting Still

Pictures do not have to be hit or miss, with the dog owner struggling to get complete blunt shots. Dogs can be trained, and posed movies can be taken if you coach by hand and your pet. It is best to start when West Raised ground White Terriers are puppies, receiving them used to the tackle and the picture-taking process.

A clean line of attack is to take pics of the dog while he is in his bed. Try insertion the bed near a dialogue box for actual light. Reward your pet with small treats when he corpse still, and he will abruptly learn this behavior. It helps to know your dog and his routine. Try to take your imagery at times when your Westie is neither tired-out nor frisky. Capture their attention, to pose the head in the aim you want, with appealing sounds, food, or a toy.


There are two main lighting issues when captivating pictures. The first is the camera flash. Like with humans, the clear light brilliant off the Westie's eyes produces a blurry, red-eye effect.

If the flash can be aloof from the camera, set it off to one side, where it will not shine at once into the eye. Artless light is the best solution, as it is with many picture-taking problems, but for interior pics, ever-increasing the room lighting will cause the dogs pupils to constrict, creation red-eye a lot less likely.

The be with issue is the color of West Raised ground white terrier fur. The solid white reflects all the light back at the camera, often causing the conjure up to be overexposed. If you have the camera and expertise to do it, close down the opening on your camera one f-stop. Dark-colored dogs, like Scottish Terriers, have the conflicting problem, with the fur absorbing all light until the aspect is lost. The elucidation there is also the conflicting - open up the hole one f-stop.

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