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How cats with slinky diabetes can lead a happy life - pets


"Your cat has catlike diabetes. " If this is your vet's implication after exploratory your beloved friend, it will come as a shock. Yes, your cat has a considerable disease. But you can treat it!

I got the implication for myself early 2003. My (then) 10-year-old neutered cat Duvelke had been urinating and drinking more than usual for a few weeks. First it was brain wave to be associated with a preceding medication. But after urine and blood tests the veterinarian was certain. "Your cat has slinky diabetes. "

Now what is diabetes?

Blood contains sugar (glucose). The blood sugar level is illegal by the hormone insulin, which is bent by the pancreas. If this organ produces not an adequate amount insulin, we speak of diabetes.

Symptoms of elegant diabetes differ. Duvelke ongoing to pass more urine than usual, and had an better thirst as a consequence of this. Other achievable symptoms are credence loss, decreased appetite, indolence and a poor coat condition.

Cats with natural diabetes will befit inactive, vomit regularly, stop urinating and fall into a coma. But if you treat elegant diabetes correctly, your cat might still be able to lead a long and happy life. It does take attempt and dedication, though.

Your cat will need to get food at set times, and rather ought to stay indoors.

And - this is basic - you will have to give your cat insulin shots. Once a day, often two times daily. Your vet will agree on the capacity and tell you how to do it. It is not scary!

But keep an eye on your friend. Your cat be supposed to have had food already in receipt of the insulin shot! If not, a hypoglycemic shock (a 'hypo') may occur. This is also doable if your cat gets too much insulin. And this is actually dangerous. If you are not there to help, your cat might die from a hypo.

Duvelke has had a few hypos since 2003. He survived. How? By putting glucose in his mouth, on the exclusive of his cheeks. Honey on his tongue also worked well.

Duvelke's amount of insulin has been abridged a great deal the past year. And he's doing actually fine. If you didn't know about his disease, you would fake he is a absolutely good for your health cat.

So, with a appropriate treatment, diabetic cats can still lead a happy life!

© 2004, Marc de Jong. Journalist, web site draftswoman and cat lover Marc de Jong lives in Belgium. He is the owner and editor of http://www. cat-pregnancy-report. com on which you will find a longer, more comprehensive edition of this article.


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