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My two therapy dogs, Nikki and Benny, bring joy to our friends. Here is short article of our visit.

First, let me tell you just a hardly bit about my two dogs, a short barely Bio on each. There are cinema on my dog therapy page. www. mimfreedom. com/dogtherapy. htm

Benny, my black lab, is about 6 years old now. Benny is a brilliant dog (even all the same he likes to steal my pillows). He loves going to visit our contacts in the home. His tail is like a rotator as soon as we come near our first "friend". Clearly, this is where he loves to be. Actually, this is where he belongs. He is gentle, good natured and full of love and affection. And, he is continually hungry?. yup, a true lab, he is at all times hungry. Our associates at the home love him to death, so to speak. He truly makes their day brighter and better.

Then there is Nikki, my 1 year blond puppy. Nikki is a archetypal 1 year golden. She is full of life. She keeps me hopping. And, just like Benny, she brings pure gold to our friends.

Both my dogs love to go visiting. They know as soon as we get close to the home where we are going and why we are there. This is such a astonishing work.

I further everybody who has a dog that loves people, is well elaborate to consider the chance of dog therapy visiting. The nice bearing about this is, the dogs do NOT have to be agreement trained, just obedient. Big difference!

A few weeks ago, when I brought my fair-haired to the home, one of the directors noticed that one of the residents was inspection the dog. The chief said why don't you go over and see what she will do. This lady we were going to see was in one of those high backed chairs that also serves as a bed. She was not able to sit, or move up. But, she was able to move her head sideways, drop her arm, and pet my dog. WOW! She was thrilled. She gently talked to Nikki, and when I asked her a few questions about dogs, she answered me. Now, the executive came over to me, and told me this lady never speaks to anyone, apart from to tell them where to?. , well you know what, right? This lady was unhappy, and other then illuminating all off, she never talked to everybody conversationally. The administrator was delighted to see her react this way. These experiences make visiting worth while. And let me tell you, it IS worth while.

I have just opened a "forum for pets" and owners. Why don't you drop by, say hello at http://www. mimfreedom. com/bulletinboard

Ruth Bird
http://www. happypetstop. com


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