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Let me begin my dogs. I have 3, Nikki and Benny are my therapy dogs, and Dukie is my blind dog. Nikki is a 1 1/2 year fair-haired retriever and Benny is my 5 year old black lab. Dukie is now 10 years and also a black lab.

Today I saw a adventure of a ironstone china rabbit figure for the garden; boy did it bring back loving memories. It also made me think of the consequence of exercise your dog. That is why I am copy this article.

When we first took our fair retriever up north to the chalet she loved it. Of choice she would, she was a fair-haired after all, and goldens love chalet life, the in the open air and the lakes!!

Now, my fair-haired was consecutively about lose, just having a great time. My husband, Chris and I were meeting beyond chatting with our acquaintances who had a house beside the cottage.

All of a hasty my blond comes consecutively right over to us, all exited and happy. Our blonde constantly ran to us when she had a bit in her mouth, never away from us. WOW, she had gone hunting, and she was proud of it.

There in her mouth, was a rabbit!!

I on track to freak, of course, but then on faster inspection (from my husband) we saw it was a "plastic rabbit" out of our friend's garden. This was one of those blonde moments. My Katie Bear is gone now, I still miss her so much, and I will constantly miss her. I have a new golden, and I love her very much, but she does not change my Katie Bear. . . .

I shed a few tears of dejection as I still miss my Bear.

Thanks for let me share my memories. Dog obedience, has at all times been very central to me. So, desire please, train your dog. I can just never say this often enough. Your dog must obey you. Clear-cut orders like: come, sit, stay, STOP! It is so crucial for the wellbeing and enjoyment of your dog, in particular for the duration of the feast and go season.

There are many guidance methods available. You need to find the logic that will work for you and your dog, (a humane approach of training, of course. )

I was idea about this as I was compelling my 3 dogs (one is blind) out for a walk today. Just as we were being paid into the jeep (I drive to where I walk), a lady just about a baby carriage came past my house.

Now, you need to understand, that my now blond retriever, Nikki, seems to think the whole world is out to play with her. She is only 1 1/2 years old. I brain wave to myself. . . WOW! What if she had categorical to take off and play with the lady and her stroller? Would she have come back to me directly when called? Closed instantaneously on command? I am not sure. This gave me argue to chew on badly about deference training. Now, you may be assessment that as she is a therapy dog, she is a well behaved taught dog. And yes, she is. But even a therapy dog gets their moments when out and consecutively lose. And for some reason, my dogs can be total pests at home, and total angels when visiting the seniors.

A dog must, for their own security and security, and I will duplicate for my part here, a dog MUST stop and come on demand. This can never be an option. Whether your dog is a therapy dog, like mine, or a house pet the same rule applies.

Check your environs for education classes. Also, there are many altered types of programs available, plus online downloadable programs, which are very,very good. . Check them out. Find the one that suits your lifestyle. And, do it. Both you and your dog will be happier!

My two passions, physical condition and pets.

Doing therapy dog work is one of the most pleasing actions I can do with my dogs. Pet physical condition care is one of my passions.

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