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Do I Need A Quarantine Tank?

Ah, yes, the often dismissed but very de rigueur part of the steamy fish hobby, the infamous quarantine tank. Do you exceedingly need one to be lucrative in this hobby?

For freshwater fish you may be able to get by not including having one. Freshwater fish are in general more apposite to custody as they are as a rule tank raised and don't seem to break out in disease as cheerfully as their sea water counterparts. However, if newly acquired fish do come down with something, you will clearly wish that you had one ready to go. One newly bought fish that is introduced to your main tank can by a long shot wipe out the total tank population. Develop safe than sorry, right?

For sea water aquarium keepers, I would say that you definitely need a quarantine tank. Aquatic specimens are customarily wild immovable and not used to being kept in captivity. Their journey to a dealers tank is customarily much longer and much more hectic for them. Stressed out fish will by and large come down with some kind of disease if they don't easily die from the whole ordeal. Brine fish keepers will as a rule have other clothes in the main ceremony tank such as invertebrates and live rock, that they don't want to expose to the harsh medicines compulsory to treat one or two fish. Some medicines can wipe out all of the invertebrates in a tank, so be sure to examination any medicine ahead of using it in your tank.

Quarantine Tank Setup
You don't need to go all out here. A down-to-earth 10 - 20 gallon aquarium will be sufficient for most people. If you have superior fish then clearly you want to get a superior quarantine tank. All you exceedingly need is a bare bones setup with the subsequent equipment:

  • Some type of filtration (a hang on the back of the tank power filter will work, just use filter floss devoid of the carbon since carbon will delete drug from the water, being contradict productive)
  • Heater
  • A powerhead and/or an airstone for better become known agitation
  • Test Kits for pH, ammonia, nitrite and nitrate
  • Fish Net - don't use the same net for your main tank
Fill the quarantine tank with water from the main tank and then turn the whole lot on in the quarantine tank.

Freshwater & Sea water Fish Quarantine
For newly acquired fish you will want to adapt them to the water in the quarantine tank and check them very carefully for a age of two to three weeks. Examine the water parameters with your test kits and check for signs of vermin or bacterial infections.

If the newly acquired fish does come down with amazing you will need to use the correct pills and you will need to keep them in quarantine for a auxiliary two weeks to make sure that you have certainly treated them effectively. If after a few weeks no tribulations develop, you can then adapt them to the main tank water and then commence them.

If a fish comes down with a bit while in your main tank, just net them and plop them into the quarantine tank. There be supposed to be no need to accustom yourself them since you used water from your main tank. If you didn't use water from the main tank you will need to adapt them to the quarantine tank water. Analyze the problem/disease and treat appropriately. After the disease clears up you will still want to keep the fish in quarantine for a week or so monitoring the water parameters with your test kits the whole time.

More On Sea water Quarantine
Always have some extra sea water ready in case you need to act an tragedy water change. Remember, you want to keep an eye on those water parameters often (daily or at least once every two days). Many brine hobbyists all the time have brine ready just in case. You never want to mix up brine and add it right away. Newly mixed brine can be absolutely toxic to fish, in turn causing you more problems.

Freshwater hobbyists may get away with not using a quarantine tank, but sea water hobbyists would be crazy not using one. Save physically some money, headaches and chiefly the fish by having a quarantine tank. The fish in your main tank will thank you for it.

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