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Understanding where livestock come from has been a long road for most equestrians. Using that new agreement can dramatically adjust how one handles, cares for, and trains or rides their horse.

"We treat cattle the way others tell us to, as well as the way we were treated as children," says Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate, of Douglas Massachusetts. "That commonly limitations on abuse, even for practiced equestrians. My dad skilled me that if I Exceedingly sought after to know about an animal, then I looked-for to look at equipment from its own point of view. I later tried the 'formal,' 'traditional' methods - and HATED it. When my daughter's 'babysitter' mare was cruelly abused in our absence, conventional methods of chastise austerely didn't work, so I went back to my 'feel' methods to reclaim the mare's mind. "

Because of this horrific incident, Gwen vowed never to not remember "that livestock are people, too . . . just in altered bodies. They are family spirits with more generous hearts than any human can ever realize. "

In her pains to reach and educate humans, Gwen is property a two-session teleseminar that focuses first on agreement the psychological underpinnings of the horse, and in the back session, on what to do with that understanding. The sessions are scheduled for June 22, 2005, and July 6, 2005. There is a fee, which includes both sessions, class materials, and some impromptu bonuses.

For more information, or to sign up, folks must go to http://www. EquineTeleseminar. net.

Patricia Reszetylo has been a horse-addict ever since she first met domestic animals in 1978. Her look after brain wave it was "just a phase" - but it seems to be a moderately long-lived phase. Patricia is happiest when her life revolves about horses, and has had a number of businesses that are horse-oriented. She is the biographer of the horse affair ebook, "Hor$e Cent$: Get into and Dominate Your Local Equestrian Marketplace Using Pre-Equestrian Classes," and hosts teleseminars on a mixture of equine-related topics.

Visit her at http://www. EquineTeleseminar. net


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