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Well first of all I was continually a cat owner, till my wife bought our first Chihuahua (Stitch) in 2002, Sew up was about 6 weeks old and was by and large purchased for our family and it stud that was till he was about 5 months or so. Then I ongoing to advertisement that he was initial to favor me and be a consequence me about more and more everyday, one day I hid from him and watched him run up and down the entry from the crack in the bedroom door, until he found me and it just melted my heart, my cats never did that and after that he became ALL MINE Darn stole my heart. About a month later my protect handed down her old basting appliance to me, I tried building the whole lot that came to mind but nil ever twisted out perfect, but I kept darning anyways.

Shortly after I got my hemming apparatus my sister in-law gave me a a small amount dog shirt that she had found on clearance at Wal-Mart and I looked at this hardly thing and said " this would be a piece of cake to make" and that very night I began functioning on barely shirts for Stitch. It was a very exciting challenge and the outcome were outstanding! Sew up all the time had a new shirt for every occasion, then one day that same sister in-law told me that I must try promotion my dog shirts on eBay. So about a month later I did as a be relevant of fact it I programmed my first item on my birthday, at that time dog clothes on eBay was only about 3 pages long so no be relevant what I listed, it at all times sold. Darn became my right hand man, and experienced and modeled all of my creations and never complained. We had such a close bond that I silent him and knew what he sought by just looking at him and he at all times silent what I told him and at times it would just blow me away.

None of my items would sell for over about $10 but that was a lot for me and I was proud, in the long run I in progress creation dog dresses, it took some fine tuning but I after all got the arrangement right. So as the months agreed Sew up became my best friend, my companion and a very close affiliate of my family, we were in each other's pocket and I never left him home. Meanwhile had found sensation on eBay but the dog clothes division was early to grow more every week, antagonism was receiving rough and some of my listings were end lacking bids. I happening to be more creative and put more energy into my clothes and do a lot of examine on what kind of dog clothes citizens were looking for so I ongoing to study websites that sold small dog clothes and found out that dog clothes like mine were promotion for twice as much lacking the haste of re-listing and fees.

I ongoing accepted wisdom about cavity up my own website and ongoing out with the free 2 page ones and I did get a asset or two from my eBay customers but at that time I was also promotion my shirts for a careful $6. I did get tired of only having 2 pages for my clothes, I sought after to be more professional, since I was building extra money from eBay so I invested it into a real website, It did take a lot of work to build and even now I'm still payments many hours a week on my flow site but it's worth it.

I as a final point had my first real website and briskly realized that interchange doesn't come consequentially so here I go again, doing hours of delve into on website promotion till I found and hired a business to acquiesce my site to a a selection of digit of hunt engines for about $40 a month, I attention that's all I would need but I was so wrong. I as a final point found Overture, signed up and ahead of I new it, I was doubling the pay packet that I was construction on eBay Devoid of THE FEES, I disregarded the monthly submissions. In 2004 I cultured of Adwords, signed up and in progress to triple and from time to time quadruple my pay in a day and haven't sold on eBay since.

I owe it all to Sew up lacking him, none of this would have ever materialized, he played so many vital roles in this commerce and eventually altered my life, lacking Sew there would be no Princess Petwear.

Stitch conceded away on 12-23-04 at 3 years old and I have yet to stop crying over his memories.

Its 2005 now and the dog clothes assortment on eBay is now up to 50 pages long, I now work for my big business 40+ a week and care about for myself a work-at-home-mom with 4 kids, ages 13, 11, 7, 2. I still miss my Stitch, I constantly catch for my part carelessness of him recall how soft his fur was and how I loved to rub my check alongside his face, I also find in my opinion reminiscing on how would baby talk him and shower him with kisses and hugs, then I wipe the tears from my face and get back to work.

Author Eva Sanchez come to grief of PrincessPetwear. com, online peddler of small dog clothes for boy and girl dogs, which includes, pet sweaters, conventional dresses, doggie swimsuits and more. http://www. princesspetwear. com


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