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You can't conceive of the kind of varieties of Goldfish there are! Associates have been breeding Goldfish for over 2000 years now. China is held to have over 100 varieties and to think that it all began with the Carassius auratus - the gibel carp! Not all goldfish have been bred in China though. Other countries have expressly bred their own goldfish about the world. Comets and Veiltails are very American while the Jikin, Tosakin and the Shubunkin are Japanese. The United Kingdom bred its own Shubunkins and there are two types

- Bristol and London Shubunkin.

And so the endless list of Goldfish varieties goes on, so much so that it's hard to say which is the most inimitable of them all. Today, we can zero in on at least 20 accepted breeds all sorted out according to their color, body shape, finnage and any other very exclusive outgrowths. There are the red or red goldfish which we directly think of as being characteristic flag but essentially the most actual goldfish insignia are greenish brown, blue, black, bronze, olive green, dark brown, glowing brown, light brown, calico, red and white and even white. All of these have been bred by experts. But some goldfish will be more common than the others. Lets find out what makes them a hit with the fish keepers in a top ten list.

To view the list of the top ten most common Goldfish click here.

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