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Itch, itch. Scratch, scratch, scratch. Does that sound familiar? Confidently not, but if it does you might be one of the millions of citizens whose dog has fleas, mites or other miniscule cretins leeching upon him.

Fleas are tiny insects use their long, able legs to hurtle onto your dog's body, where they cuddle into his fur, live off his blood, and raise families of thousands. Many dogs arise a sensitivity to flea saliva, which the flea injects into your dog's skin as a way to foil his blood from coagulating and in this manner make sure a bounteous meal. If this is the case with your pup, you'll see him scratch, scratch, scratching away.

Whether or not your dog has an hypersensitivity to fleas, they're devoid of a doubt an a pain pest that's tough to eradicate. Once your dog has contracted fleas, they will briefly allotment to any area where he is a everyday visitor- his bedding, his doghouse, your carpet and furniture, and probably your clothing and bedclothes as well.

Fleas and Disease

The most collective complication of fleas on your dog is tapeworms in his stool. Yes, it is foul, but as it is with parasites, one often hosts the other, and many a flea has been host to a tapeworm who then made his way into your dog's intestinal tract. Just a further great basis to keep those fleas off your dog. The other aim is anemia. Animals that boom on your dog's blood factually suck the life out of him. . . so if fleas have been aggressive upon your pooch, he may show signs of anemia, such as excessive fatigue. Get him to the vet for a thorough examination and make inquiries about what vitamins and supplements you can give to bring back your dog back to a healthy, bouncy state.

How to Tell if Your Dog Has Fleas

The most noticeable sign of fleas on your dog is continuous scratching and irritation of the skin. You may advertisement pink welts on his belly that finally crust over; these are flea bites. A different way to check him for fleas is to have him stand on a few pieces of white paper while you comb because of his fur. If you see diminutive black flecks on the paper that look a lot like bring down pepper, you've got physically a flea situation. The diminutive flecks are "flea dirt," and when you moisturize them with water they'll turn dark red for the reason that they be full of blood. . . the blood of your poor dog that those nasty fleas have been feasting on!

Flea Prevention

Ask your vet what methods he recommends to repel fleas. In the old days, most all put a flea collar and/or used flea powder on their dog. Some had their dogs "dipped" in a flea repellant bath. Today there are more classy options in addendum to the established methods. . . some of which are all-natural and environmentally friendly, and others which are chemical-based and allow complete armor with minimum application.

IGRs (insect cyst regulators) kill flea eggs and flea larvae, and are obtainable in both collar and spray form as well as oral medication. Sentinel® is one creation that does amplify duty as both a flea repellant and heartworm protection, and only requires one claim per month.

Adulticides kill the definite flea and can be purchased as both spot-on and oral products. Frontline® is one brand that is practical to your dog's shoulder blade area, where it is absorbed and dispersed all over his system. When fleas come in commerce with his skin that's been treated with Frontline® or a alike insecticide, they die instantly.

Flea Charge in Your Home

Hopefully, you'll take the apposite precautions to keep fleas at bay, so you'll never know the nasty goings-on of a flea-ridden home. But if you do ensue to find fleas, you'll need to act briefly to avoid infestation. First and foremost, give your vet a call and ask him the best approach of de-flea-ing your dog and your home. Treat your carpets, furniture, dog bed, and areas exterior your home where your dog is normally found, with an permitted flea treatment. Comprehensively vacuum every inch of carpet, and your mattresses if you think there may be a challenge there as well. And don't not recall to apply flea repellant to the exclusive of your vacuum! While it does a great job of sucking up those disturbing a small amount creatures, your warm and cozy vaccuum serves as the accurate flea-breeding incubator, which can mean reinfestation later.

No one wants to spray or bomb their home with damaging pesticides, but if you don't take precautionary actions adjacent to fleas on your dog, that's beautiful much your only opportunity to be rid of them. So do by hand a favor and get a flea disgusting for that pup of yours!

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