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This is the story of my dog called Shandy. He was my favourite pet and he was very lively, lots of fun and very obedient. His main passion in life was to be taken for a long walk, culminating with a big run out in his favourite park.

I would try to take him on this walk everyday, become rough permitting. The park itself was about three miles away from our house. To reach the park we had to cross a add up to of busy roads, in spite of this he would never pull or misbehave. He knew where we were banner and seemingly did not want to rock the boat and risk been taken home ahead of he reached his dream destination.

At the park itself I would throw a ball and he would chase it and fetch it back to me.

At this stage I was alive at home with my parents, but aged twenty two, I absolute to rent my own cottage near the coast in Devon. This was almost two hundred miles away from my parents in home in Birmingham. This noticeably meant I was no longer in the attitude to take Shandy on his walk.

I spoke to my parents, who reassured me that they would carry on to take him on the walks.

Two weeks after I had left, I had a phone call from my mother. She was panicking, stating that Shandy had managed to break from the back plot and that she could not find him. She insisted that she had been looking for hours but that there had been no sign of him.

I was quite anxious and attention about where he may have gone to. "Have you been compelling him on his walks to the park everyday?" I asked.

She replied: "Most days" I asked her to try at the park, forceful her that he loves that park etc. "He would not be there, its miles away. " She said.

I again asked her to try there. Luckily he was there quite blissfully sniffing around, innocent of the panic he had caused.

Stephen Hill

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